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The Eltropy Spotlight is a series designed to showcase the incredible team we have here at Eltropy. Our best in class product and services are well documented; now it’s time to meet the best in class people behind it. We sat down with our brand new VP of Employee Development, Michael Kadel, to talk about his goals for talent growth at Eltropy and what he brings to the team from his previous time in the industry.

Tell me about your background.

In my 30 year plus career history, I have built, mentored  and empowered teams primarily in the financial industry with the first 25 years of my career in community banking.  I have expertise in both consumer and commercial lending, Business Banking, Retail Banking, Private Banking and Wealth Management with the last fifteen years of my career in senior leadership roles both at credit unions and community banks.  Most recently as a senior leader for a credit union, I had the opportunity to draft and execute on a successful sales and service culture initiative.  All my experiences have resulted in fostering an open, communicative environment coupled with celebrating wins tied to key milestones and not forgetting to have fun along the way!  My true passion is culture enhancement, and consider myself a “culture geek”.  I enjoy empowering teams to help achieve their highest potential through effective coaching, mentoring, modeling, teaching, and learning. 

What was the catalyst behind joining team Eltropy?

The first and foremost reason is the invigorating culture and the opportunity to work with inspiring leaders and highly engaged employees throughout the organization focused on learning and development.  Another reason is Eltropy’s core values resonate and align with my personal values and as a result have landed at a company that has exceeded my expectations in every way.  The two founders, Chandra and Ashish, have created something special here.  They have been able to beautifully execute on their vision, creating an environment that is thriving and achieving stellar results.  This includes building a strong foundational structure, and efficient operating system, our own unique style of of how we approach solutions, a talented staff with a unique set of skills and abilities, all coming together with shared core values driven by a solid purpose.  What Ashish and Chandra have been able to fully capture here at the firm and turn a dream into a reality is truly magical and feel honored to be a part of this dynamic team!  That’s why I’m here!!

Do you have a goal in mind as a priority?

My goal is to continue the “magic” that Chandra and Ashish have created, building upon the strengths of our talented people, and ensuring our invigorative culture continues to be aligned with our mission, purpose, and core values and continue to achieve stellar results!

  To this end, I will be focused on these items:  New Employee Onboarding, Leadership and Professional Development, Performance Enablement coupled with an overarching  Effective Coaching and Communication Strategy.  

In comparison to your previous experiences, what makes Eltropy different?

Like I said, this is truly a special place.  Since my first day, I have had so many people, including our two founders, reach out to me to welcome me and ask if I needed any support or had any questions.  I had a “warm welcome” and truly appreciate all the support!  What I really enjoy is that every Monday morning, we have an “All Hands” meeting that all employees have a stake in and share successes allowing for open dialogue.  “Storytelling” is part of the agenda providing an avenue of how our employees are “living” our core values each and every day.  

I am truly honored to be a part of this dynamic, extremely bright and amazing team here at Eltropy!!

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