Eltropy Spotlight Series: Caan Nguyen

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by Team Eltropy

The Eltropy Spotlight is a series designed to showcase the incredible team we have here at Eltropy. Our best in class product and services are well documented; now it’s time to meet the best in class people behind it. We sat down with Caan Nguyen, our Senior Director of Customer Success, to talk about what he brings to the team.

What do you do here at team Eltropy, and what is your speciality?

I’m the Sr Director of Customer Success here at Eltropy. I joined Eltropy about 3 months ago. Prior to that, I’d been in the Credit Union for around 20 years. Throughout those years, I’ve held various positions, such as VP of Lending, Director of Consumer Lending, AVP.  Predominantly, my career has been one in an executive role. So, what I bring to Eltropy is my insights to the team within a Credit Union world, providing daily operational/use case scenarios.

Eltropy is a great organization that I see a long future with their innovation platform that will help with members, but also the Financial Institutions in general. 

What made you decide to join team Eltropy in the first place?

I met Ashish Garg, CEO and Co-Founder, back in 2016, and during that time, Eltropy was solely a texting platform. Throughout the years as I transitioned from one Credit Union to another, I had introduced Eltropy as it had become progressive & robust in helping members reach their goals and objectives. I thought it was a great innovation, with Ashish’s eye and vision, and I thought it was a great opportunity for me having those deep insights in the Credit Union world to join team Eltropy, to be able to help Credit Unions of all size to reach their membership; especially during the pandemic and provide more efficiency moving forward. Whether it’s regarding lending, collections, or marketing, I thought that bridge to the members is so important for Credit Unions to take it to the next level.

What has been your highlight of working with team Eltropy so far?

There are several scenarios (ask for clients here) where we brought on new Credit Unions customers and I’m able to have that connection with some of the senior management team, and share some opportunities with them. Be able to understand the strengths and weaknesses and how Eltropy can help them move forward; not just during the pandemic but even after to reach members quicker. 

Most of these scenarios, the Credit Unions are happy to see a team member on Eltropy that has a Credit Union background and understands some of those pain points & challenges. Being able to speak that language really helps to move the onboarding process or build that relationship & share some of that expertise that I learned from my time in the Credit Union world. I’m able to share my best practices, what I’ve done to be successful. For the Credit Unions I onboard, it’s natural for them to feel that credibility, kind of like “Oh, Caan knows the Credit Union world, so we’re glad he’s on the team. He understands where we’re coming from.” So it’s that type of engagement, that type of relationship building that’s really helped move us forward with new Credit Unions going into the future.

You’ve been a part of many other teams throughout your work experience, but what makes Team Eltropy different?

With Eltropy, it’s a lot of transparency.

It’s a lot of the team getting together and sharing great ideas. It’s very collaborative. The thing with Eltropy is, we all get together as a team every week; in the Credit Union world, the only time the whole organization gets together is when they have an all staff training once a year. But it seems like with Eltropy having over 100 employees and growing, getting together every week for an all hands meeting definitely makes a difference. Regardless what level you are, what skill set you possess or what time you have, we all get together and discuss to have open and honest communication, along with sharing our thoughts. We also get to be truthful to who we are; I think that’s really important in the culture of an organization.

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