Eltropy Spotlight Series: David Norton

The Eltropy Spotlight is a series designed to showcase the incredible team we have here at Eltropy. Our best in class product and services are well documented; now it’s time to meet the best in class people behind it. We sat down with our brand new Chief Revenue Officer, David Norton, to talk about his goals for Eltropy and what he brings to the team.

What are you going to be bringing to the team?

I’m going to be bringing a lot of passion, a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of competition & willingness to do the hard things, so that Eltropy can win. And we will only win by being obsessed with our customers and their success. I’m going to be focused on what we can do as an organization to create an incredible solution, an incredible platform that not only meets but exceeds our customers expectations. We’re in the business of solving problems; so our team is going to get very good at asking great questions, consulting with our clients, helping them understand our values, and maybe even reframing some of the challenges they have, to where they didn’t realize all they Eltropy could do for them. And then it’s on us to create a great machine internally, to be able to take customers’ information, requests, needs, challenges, internalize it, and really become inclusive with the customer.

Let them help us solve our problems. Ask for their help, and when we involve the customers in that cycle, they want us to win. They then cheer for us, they then are raising their hands to try our new solutions and give us a shot. 

What sparked you to join team Eltropy?

Well there’s a laundry list of reasons why. Number one is the leadership and the founders. Number two are the values that they are disciplined in driving throughout the organization and our customers. Number three is the viable solution that we have proven to work at solving major problems for our customers. And when you can identify a product market fit, that resonates so well with an industry or a customer, that’s half the challenge. The other half is how do we market it, how do we message it, how do we go to market with it and how do we provide the best service possible; and that’s where I come into play. Point four would be my experience and awareness in this industry. I’m really excited to be able to put into practice what I’ve done for a lot of my career. One of those opportunities was with a company called Skipio, where I had the chance to be a co-owner and partner with two close friends. We were able to create an SMS messaging communication solution. There were a lot of challenges there that we weren’t able to tackle at the time, literally all of which Eltropy has done; from the integrations to security, compliance and so forth. So I know firsthand how valuable this solution is in problem solving. Also, with my time at MX, a tremendous fintech organization providing aggregated data for financial institutions, I loved my time working with so many of these financial organizations. Also my time at Xactware, where we sold a data solution to insurance organizations & firms. So I think about what I’ve done throughout my career and it just all comes together here at Eltropy. I have great confidence in knowing what has been done, and what can be done in putting together amazing systems, processes, people, all behind a powerful purpose.

The momentum that you’ve all created, that we can now build on, just goes to show what a special opportunity this is and what a special place Eltropy is.

If you had to identify one specific goal out of the pack, what would that look like?  

Accelerating growth: and there’s a lot that goes into that. To accelerate our growth, it starts with a mindset. A mindset that we can do more, we will do more, a mindset of winning in every single thing that we do. A mindset of collaborating so that we’re not replicating and having redundancies or steps, effort or time. Hyper trust in all of our roles, as we become more specialized as we grow, that we become hyper successful because we’re becoming so efficient and effective in our roles. To build a scalable, repeatable & successful foundation, it starts with a great foundation, great people, proven processes and systems to automate and eliminate manual entry or things that we might need or have to do. But as we know and we can identify what’s going to be a repeatable task or report, we can automate it. So that will become an advantage to us in the way it relates to which we can provide our service, go to market, share our message and resonate by capturing the hearts and minds of customers. That’s how we’re going to accelerate the growth, and we’ll do it together.

We need each other, we need to rely on each other, and we can absolutely achieve amazing things together.

What makes Team Eltropy different?

From my perspective in my own career, I’ve not worked for or with founders who aren’t from this country. So number one, to have partnered and joined with Ashish & Chandra who bring an incredible perspective, set of values, work ethic, experience & education, likes & dislikes, food & dancing; all of these things are inspiring to me. I love learning, and I’m insatiably curious: why is this like this, how can we make it like this. And so I’ll always be thinking and wondering, can we do it better or differently, how did we get to this point, etc. But as you are led by individuals who aren’t from the same community as you, what an opportunity to learn from them and to be able to inherit all the great things that they are that they’ll teach me. That was very important for me. While our sense of humor, our desires and goals, our intentions and so many other things are aligned; even though we grew up in two different parts of the world, we’re still very much aligned in our deep sets of hard work, importance of family, importance of integrity, beating the competition, and having that mindset of ‘let’s find a way to take a valuable service, and monetize it. So there’s a lot of good to be done here at Eltropy. Number two, along those same lines, the leaders and founders here have identified  very hard problems that need to be solved and they went about and invested in the business up front to create those integrations as we have been for the past several years. The compliance that’s so essential, and the security as well; knowing that those are three pillars that our foundational to our success and knowing that they have invested in that up front will allow us to win more at a more rapid rate. I love their strategy and their commitment to innovation. And I also love the values of ‘No Fear, Tell the Truth’. That doesn’t mean that we need to be jerks, that doesn’t mean we have the green light to say anything we want however we want, it’s that with proper thoughts and taking the time to be intentional, we don’t need to fear sharing our educated thoughts, insights or recommendations. We can tell the truth. So, I hope that everybody who’s being recruited to come to Eltropy or who’s here already recognizes how important that is: to do it with class, dignity and maintain that integrity. It will be so important as we work with our customers that they know we are and integral business. We value each other, we value our word, and when we give you our word, it’s our commitment. So I greatly appreciate that, especially in the world of finance. Our customers’ customers are so concerned, as they rightly should be, of their money, assets, income, expenses, rates available or whatever it might be.

Our customers need to win. So in order for us to help these financial institutions, who’s stewardship is to advocate for their members & customers, if we can help them do better, be more efficient & effective, they’re going to win all day long, and they’re going to be thrilled. We’re going to help them become Luke Skywalker, and we will be their Yoda.  

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