Streamlining Loan Approvals: Eltropy’s Video Notary Expands to 21 States, Including Washington

Eltropy announced the approval of its Video Notary solution in Washington State. This approval, driven by customer demand and supported by Washington-based community financial institutions (CFIs) using Eltropy’s digital conversations platform, marks a significant milestone for Eltropy as it expands its Video Notary footprint to twenty-one states.

Meeting Customer Needs with Technology

“We always strive to meet our customers’ needs, and this latest state approval in Washington – which has been in the works for more than a year – is a testament to that,” said Jed Taylor, Chief Product Officer at Eltropy.

Eltropy’s Video Notary solution revolutionizes the notary process for loan officers and others serving as notaries at CFIs by leveraging Video Banking capabilities. The recent Video Notary patent further solidifies Eltropy’s position as a leading provider of enterprise-wide digital communications platforms for community banks and credit unions.

Simplifying and Accelerating Notary Services

As consumer preferences shift towards digital channels and branch traffic declines, Video Banking has become the preferred method for many individuals. With Video Notary, the process of getting a document notarized is dramatically simplified and expedited, aligning with market expectations.

“The key differentiator with Eltropy is that we’re enabling services that have historically been available only in physical branches,” explained Taylor. “Combined with the essential nature of notary services, Eltropy has emerged as the unquestioned leader in Video Banking.”

Driving Innovation for Enhanced Communication Experiences

Eltropy remains committed to research and development efforts to drive further innovations, such as Video Notary, that enhance the communication experiences of credit unions and community banks. By offering anytime, anywhere access to digital financial services tailored to individual needs, Eltropy’s solutions save valuable time, money, and resources for both financial institutions and their customers.

Learn More about Video Notary at Eltropy’s User Conference

Discover more about Eltropy’s Video Banking and Video Notary solutions at the upcoming 2023 Eltropy User Conference, taking place from May 16-18 at the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center. This event offers educational sessions, product demos, and networking opportunities for industry leaders. Register today to secure your spot, as space is limited.

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Jonathan Manousardis

by Jonathan Manousaridis

Marketing Manager

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