Current Opening

Senior Product Manager

Job Location:
Eltropy, Inc., 1525
McCarthy Blvd., Suite 1007, Milpitas, CA 95035

With a moderate level of independent decision capability, the Senior Product Manager will be responsible for the following duties:

Product Roadmap

– Define the product vision for building the best artificial intelligence based advanced communication platform

– Analyze international markets, existing competition and user requirements

– Create the roadmap (long and short term) to implement this vision by translating high level business requirements to offer technical direction and plan the development process


– Identify potential partnership opportunities with leading industry technical providers

– Lead and implement key technical integrations to gain strong competitive advantage in the market Product Management Process

– Establish Product Management processes in the organization by implementing relevant tools (Jira) and setting up internal protocols

– Work closely with the engineering teams (Front end, back end and DevOps) to define agile sprint plans, execute them and launch key features on a continuous basis

– Define the backlog for engineering teams and write detailed user stories. Collaborate with UX designers to create seamless web and mobile experiences

– Create detailed plans for QA team for thorough validation to assure highest levels of quality and compliance

– Review project plans to plan and co-ordinate project activities

– Assign and review the work of programmers, and other computer-related workers

Customer feedback and product improvement

– Improving customer experience and developing relationships – engage with the customers and users to get constant feedback on how Eltropy is solving their problems and incorporate this into the product features

– Work closely with the sales and customer success, marketing teams to understand what customers want and make sure that the product delivers those needs

– Consult with users, management, vendors, and engineering teams to assess product needs and requirements

– Analyze product usage metrics and take data driven decisions to advance the product and user experience

– Gather user research and customer requests and translate them into clear and concise business and technical product requirements

This position allows for telecommuting.

This position requires a US Bachelor’s or foreign equivalent in CS, EE, or closely related field; and five (5) years’ progressive professional experience as a Sw Dvlpr, Test Engr, QA Lead, or closely related occupation. 

Must have professional experience with: 

– Tableau 

– Data visualization and analysis (MS Excel, Tableau, or PowerBI),

– Business intelligence and data analysis software to analyze and 

track product performance

– Jira or Aha

– Jira service desk

– Google forms


Salary: $167,000 to $180,000. Full-Time. 

Contact:           Chandra Bhople |


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