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Melissa Moore

Business Analyst, Georgia's Own Credit Union

Melissa Moore

Business Analyst

Georgia’s Own Credit Union

What challenges have you been facing?

I’m so passionate about the members and always want to see the innovation – and us being the biggest credit union we can be in Georgia, and [establishing] that footprint – so the technology sometimes can be challenging. It’s not like it happens tomorrow like we’d like to, so that can be a challenge.

What other challenges were you hoping to solve with Eltropy?

We implemented Eltropy for the Video banking, and the challenge was to get everyone’s buy-in to utilize it. Especially with the pandemic, allowing members to see who they’re speaking to, and to get that hands-on feel when they have trouble or a frustrating issue with online banking.

[We want] to be able to say: ‘Hey, you have someone who’s going to personally walk you through that situation, and hand-hold you make sure you get navigated with co-browsing, to get where you need to be.

And also the texts – to be able to eliminate some of the phone calls coming in, with the simple tasks at hand. That’s my hope, and we’re still working on implementation, and looking to see that come to fruition.

What results have you seen so far?

We’ve definitely got some great feedback from the members in utilizing it.

We recently launched a new bill pay system, and we were able to use it [Video banking] to help members navigate that. With the recent merger, and members navigating our website, that’s been a big plus.

How has the Leadership Summit been?

It’s been amazing. Being able to network and see and hear other people’s experiences.

Someone told me it took them two years to get it up and running to where the members actually started using it, and that made me feel better about our situation! It made me know I’m not the only one who went through those challenges.

To hear other people’s suggestions and use cases, it has broadened our horizons to how we can better use it for our members.