improvement in verification processes


Idaho Central Credit Union is based at Chubbuck, Idaho and has

$ 4 Bn+

Pain Point

ICCU wanted the ability to text members directly from within Salesforce.


Empower employees to use a familiar platform in order to communicate with members on the channel they prefer – TEXT MESSAGING

How we Fixed things up?

Following a detailed and personalized product demo, Eltropy worked directly with the ICCU team to provide them with the best solution for their needs.



Eltropy worked directly with the ICCU team to provide them both web-based and in-person training sessions - taking them live with all enhancements and custom workflows in just 6 weeks.

Initial Reactions

ICCU was not only impressed with the product itself but also how quick and easy it was to go live with Eltropy.

Eltropy wants to grow and expand – we are excited to be a part of that and not just have a vendor who only provides a service“​

Michelle Young

Product Manager



Shortly after Eltropy’s deployment, ICCU saw a decrease in the amount of time it took to verify the identity of a member.

Prior to Eltropy, verification took between 3 to 4 minutes over call. 

 After Eltropy’s platform was deployed, the average came down to just 45 seconds – a 400% improvement.

Looking ahead

In the coming future ICCU aims to expand Eltropy’s usage to its entire call center in order to save both full-time positions and agents’ time. 

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