Notarize your member’s document online

Provide a simpler, smarter, and a secure way to notarize the documents online.

Standout from the competition by simplifying your members’ lives

Create goodwill with your members by helping them avoid the fees and hassle of a traditional notary.

Centralize your notary officers while still offering notary service to all your members.

With a Video+KBA+ID Verification trio, ensure iron-clad security to your members.

Tamper-Proof Digital Notary Journal

Our Tamper-Proof Digital Notary Journal offers encrypted data storage, digital signatures, and unalterable timestamps to ensure an immutable record of notarial acts, providing peace of mind and authenticity for all parties involved.
Embrace the future of notarization with our efficient, transparent, and legally compliant digital journal.
ID Verification via Video for Notarization

Video+KBA+ID Verification

With Video+knowledge-based authentication (KBA)+ID Verification, ensure fool-proof member verification without unnecessary friction.

Built-In E-Sign

With built-in electronic signature, make it easy for the members to sign the documents in real time.

Notary Profile

With Notary Profile, each notary can upload their Notary e-Certification, Notary Commission Information, and Geolocation to ensure compliance with regulations.

State Certification

Eltropy’s Video Notary solution is certified in 22 states, with additional states in the pipeline.

Automotive Lending

Unlock same-day closing for auto loans by allowing members to notarize documents upon approval.


Save time and money on every mortgage loan with an e-close solution your members and partners will love.

Wealth Management

Eliminate the need to source and schedule mobile notaries for collecting notarized forms from wealth management customers.

Branch Services

Reduce dependence on having commissioned notaries available at every member’s service center.

Estate Planning

Notarize wills, trusts, power of attorney documents, and other essential forms without the need for time-consuming in-person appointments.
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