Eltropy Rings in the New Year with a Bang

New customers include a diverse array of 13 Credit Unions nationwide

Eltropy, “The Best* Text Messaging-based platform for Credit Unions,” announces it signed a record 13 new deals during the month of January.

“We are poised to have the best year of Eltropy’s history with this momentous start to 2021,” said Ashish Garg, founder and CEO of Eltropy. “Credit Unions are entering the new year realizing Text Messaging is a must-have technology for Digital Transformation. Our secure, compliant platform is proving to be an essential solution for Credit Unions of all sizes in order to best serve their members in a future that demands remote communication.”

New Credit Union customers include:

1st Mississippi Federal Credit Union$66.7M AUM
Allegiance Credit Union$325.3M AUM
Arkansas Federal Credit Union$1.52B AUM
Barksdale Federal Credit Union$1.75B AUM
Carolinas Foothills Federal Credit Union$146.1M AUM
Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union$1.25B AUM
Jax Federal Credit Union$478.2M AUM
Kemba Credit Union$1.14B AUM
KeyPoint Credit Union$1.45B AUM
LOCO Credit Union$55.1M AUM
Memorial Health Credit Union$20.2M AUM
Mid Kansas Credit Union$55.8M AUM
Old South Federal Credit Union$18.6M AUM

Research shows that most people Texting over Email and Phone calls for interactions. With Eltropy’s secure, compliant and intelligent Text Messaging platform, Credit Unions can more effectively engage with members so they stay more informed and productive. 

For current customer Express Credit Union, Eltropy has been an essential partner for meeting members’ needs of having multiple channels for communication. According to CEO Paul Baudin, Text Messaging has been well-received by members and staff. 

“Members are taking the benefit of being able to access [information] and interact 24/7,” Baudin said. “In fact, we’ve seen members opening up content at 9, 10 o’clock at night, so we know it’s allowing them to do business when they want to and where they want to.”

“In the world of today where the relationship between you and your financial institution is more critical than ever before, the pathway between you and your money must be as open and fluid as possible,” added Bob Gallman, president of the Louisiana Credit Union League. “Eltropy’s Text Messaging solution has proven to be the super highway of service between Louisiana Credit Unions and their members.”

* CUNA Strategic Services selects Eltropy as the “Best Text Messaging Solution” for Credit Unions


About Eltropy

Eltropy enables Financial Institutions to digitally engage in a secure and compliant way. Using our world-class digital communications platform, Credit Unions, Banks, Debt Collectors, Insurance Companies, Lenders and FinTechs can improve operations, engagement and productivity. Eltropy also integrates with IT systems, such as Symitar and Corelation, and uses Analytics to provide engagement insights. For more information about Eltropy, please visit eltropy.com.