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Give your people the best conversation experience with Eltropy Voice+

Eltropy Voice+ is a future-ready AI-powered voice+digital conversation experience for credit unions & community banks that integrates traditional voice with a powerful unified conversations platform. 

For Your Members & Customers

Enable them to access support Faster, Better, and On their terms.

Offer wide range of channels, including AI agents – to resolve issues faster and avoid hold times. Seamlessly transfer to a human agent (if needed). 

For Your Agents

Enable them to feel Empowered, Equipped, and Efficient.

Offer seamless channel switching, AI-powered knowledge assistance, and features like co-browsing, texting, workflows, context transfer, and more.

For Your Executives

Enable them to Identify, Optimize, and Drive Growth.

Offer historical and real-time actionable insights to help them identify bottlenecks, optimize resources, and improve member and agent satisfaction.

Voice+ will dramatically improve the service we provide members. By allowing our agents to combine voice with digital channels like text, video, co-browsing, and AI assistance – we can resolve issues faster and more effectively in a single unified experience.

Howie Meller

President & CEO of People First Federal Credit Union
All of the phone features you’ll ever need

Eltropy Voice+ Calling 

Flexible, modern, and powerful calling features.

Soft Phone Call Controls

Offers browser-based calling that allows you to make and receive calls without using a physical telephone.

Warm and Cold Transfer

Allows you to warm & cold transfer the calls to internal queues, and internal & external users. The call is recorded even when transferred to external user.

Warm and Cold Conference

Allows you to conference in other users or contacts to increase the first call resolution (FCR).

Call Recording

Dual channel cloud recording with on-demand playback. Transcribe & analyze the call recordings with Eltropy Conversation Intelligence.


Enhanced 911 (e911) identifies and routes your location to the appropriate local PSAP for a speedy response.

Call Back

Allow callers to receive a call back instead of staying on hold for extended periods.

Voice Mail

Allows members to leave messages after hours or if no agents are logged in.

Drag & Drop Call Flow

Visually design powerful call flows to do segment routing, next best action routing, demographic routing and much more.

Priority Queues

Prioritize calls based on the caller value, type of issues or any other variable using priority queueing.


Automatically bring relevant information form Core and CRM to the agent for faster and contextual call handling.

After Call Work

Allow agents to add Tags & Notes at the end of the call before they become available for next call.

Outbound Calling

Text to Talk or Just place an outbound call to connect with members at the right moments.

Eltropy Voice+ Administration 

Provision, manage and monitor from anywhere.

Agent Proficiency

Achieve the right tradeoff between connecting to highly skilled agents v/s wait time using agent proficiency in your routing strategy.

Live Dashboard

Monitor agent performance and call center activity in real-time.

Silent Monitoring

Listen in on agent calls without the agent’s knowledge, for quality assurance purposes.


Join an ongoing call between an agent and a member to provide timely intervention (if needed)

Interaction Insights Dashboard

Track volume, queue time, handle time, abandonment rate, missed interactions, & more for phone calls and digital channels in a single dashboard.

Dynamic IVR

Use dynamic IVR or create your own IVR to route the calls to the right skill queues.

Post-Call Survey Integration

Collect feedback from members post calls.

Eltropy Voice+ Unified Platform 

Combined power of Eltropy Unified Conversations.

Eltropy AI Voice Transfers with Context

Transfer calls from an AI agent to a human agent with the AI Agent transcript for full context.

Caller ID

Use caller ID to do screen pops and OTP to reduce the handle time and increase call security.


See what your member sees on their screen and navigate it together in real-time.

Pre-Integrated with Eltropy Text

Allows you to integrate text messaging into your contact center solution.

Pre-Integrated with Eltropy AI Voice

Allows you to integrate AI voice into your contact center solution.


Pre-Integrated with Eltropy Video

Allows you to integrate video banking into your contact center solution.

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