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True transformation doesn't happen in vacuum.

 it’s ignited by the passion, talent, and dedication of the people who are driven by a shared purpose. Be a part of Eltropy and join our mission to make access to the best financial products & services – anytime, anywhere – a reality!

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No Fear Tell The Truth

Unwavering Focus

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The Good Stuff


Comprehensive health insurance policies to keep you healthy & safe.

Generous time off

Recharge and reconnect with generous paid company holidays.

Work-Life Balance

Open communication, support and resources for maintaining balance.

Financial Security

Competitive pay and 401k matching program for building a future.

Own Your Success

Be a part of Eltropy's growth story with generous ESOPs.

Family Matters

Put your family first with paid parental leaves and team support.

Perks You'll Love

Reimbursements, office lunch, and beautiful new office spaces.

Our People

Humans of Eltropy

Jennifer Quinn

Full-time Mom. Cancer Survivor. Athlete Swimmer.

Director of Customer Success at Eltropy

Jenn was introduced to Eltropy by a friend who thought her values around helping customers would align well with us. Fast forward, now she finds fulfilment in solving customer pain points and building relationships, where a significant milestone for her was signing one of her very first customers for AI.

Outside of work, she is a passionate runner and fundraiser for cancer research, cherishing adventures with her daughter, Leila. 

Favorite Quote: “You got this!!” 

Favorite Dinner Guest: Kurt Cobain [his music changed my life!]

Advice to Applicants: This is a fantastic company to learn and grow!

Eltropy’s Jenn Quinn continues to forge new paths, making a difference both personally and professionally. 

Jenn Quinn

Johneh Shankar

Nature Lover. Philosopher.
An Open Book.

Head of Marketing Design at Eltropy

Johneh was introduced to Eltropy by our co-founder & CEO Ashish Garg, whose philosophy in life & work still continues to impact Johneh’s life beyond work. For the past 6 years, he is making a true difference in people’s lives through Eltropy and considers everyday as a rewarding experience.

Outside of work, he is a passionate philosopher, singer, and cherishes family time with his wife Poorni and daughter Umaiyal. 

Favorite Quote: “I am not here to change others, but to change my very self.”

Favorite Dinner Guest: Marcus Aurelius [to discuss philosophy with him]

Advice to Applicants: Stay creative. Stay truthful.

Eltropy’s Johneh Shankar continues to work towards becoming a design philosopher and a philosophy designer.

Johneh Shankar

Beth Cobbs

Trained Pastry Chef. Love Books/Hate Stereotypes.

Technical Account Manager at Eltropy

Her decision to join Eltropy solidified during a chat with Ben Breeze, where she doesn’t remember the exact question, but knew that working at Eltropy will be an amazing experience. Fast forward, now she finds fulfillment in ensuring customers feel heard and find solutions easily. 

Outside of work, Beth enjoys knitting and is currently engrossed in reading the “Throne of Glass” series. Her trip to India with Eltropians from across the world moved her deeply and reinforced her love for the job.

Favorite Quote: “This, too, shall pass.”

Favorite Dinner Guest: Eleanor Roosevelt [admire her intelligence & impact]

Advice to Applicants: Learn everything and seek answers relentlessly. 

Eltropy’s Beth Cobb continues to connect, inspire and lead with her kindness, passion and integrity.

Beth Cobb

Sandra Ramirez-Ruiz

Family Comes First. Resilient. Deeply Optimistic.

Financial Controller at Eltropy

Sandra joined Eltropy following the acquisition of POPi/o, a video banking platform, but she was profoundly impressed by the kindness, enthusiasm, & leadership of our co-founders and VP of Finance, Kavitha – they made her feel right at home. She genuinely enjoys connecting with people from various departments and is always eager to assist in any way she can.

Outside of work, Sandra cherishes quality time with her husband and kids, loves watching movies, and finds joy in walking her dog.

Favorite Quote: Every day is a second chance”

Favorite Dinner Guest: Marie Curie [an inspiration to me]

Advice to Applicants: Be patient & don’t be afraid to ask for help. Look for mentors and take notes 🙂

Eltropy’s Sandra Ramirez-Ruiz continues to achieve her goals staying true to her parents’ teachings: Work hard, never give up, be a good person, and prioritize family.

Sandra Ramirez-Ruiz


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