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Say goodbye to long wait times and overburdened staff. Ensure every visitor enjoys a delightful experience at your branch with quick in-branch check-ins and virtual queuing process.

The Most Robust Branch Management Solution with

End-to-End Lobby Management
built for CFIs

Virtual Queuing

Provide visitors with the convenience of joining the queue from wherever they want, eliminating the need to physically wait in line.

Self Check-in Kiosks

Streamline customer service with self-check-in kiosks to improve operational efficiency and keep visitors informed. Allow visitors to control their waiting experience and provide them with the ability to monitor their queue position through a queue display.

Text Reminders and Follow Ups

Send automated text alerts to inform visitors when it’s their turn in the queue, allowing them to take a break or run errands without losing their spot.

Position in Queue Visibility

Show queue positions on digital kiosks, in the lobby, and online, giving visitors the choice to wait or book a later appointment.

Branch Traffic Insights

Equip Lobby Managers with tools to track branch traffic, check-ins, and appointments for better decision-making. 

Custom Branding

Customize colors, fonts, and logo, ensuring the check-in process mirrors your brand aesthetics.

Automated Reminders and Follow Ups

Automatic text alerts to inform visitors when it’s their turn in the queue, allowing them to take a break or run errands without losing their spot.

Artificial Intelligence

Gain valuable insights from every visitor interaction, enhance the efficiency of your frontline team, and deliver superior service with real-time conversation intelligence.

Integrated with Eltropy Appointment Management

Leverage kiosk for easy setup and check-in for appointments. Enable visitors to easily convert wait times to future appointments, during peak hours.


Integrated with Eltropy Video Meeting

Elevate your meetings by inviting more team members or a subject matter expert via video meeting. Improve the quality and effectiveness of your conversations, leading to more productive outcomes.

Integrated with Eltropy Reputation Management

Encourage visitors to leave positive reviews after their satisfying experience in the lobby. Boost your online presence and attract more foot traffic to your branches.


Add Notes to the Conversation Thread

Integrated with Eltropy’s unified platform, allows staff members to add notes about a visitor’s interaction right in the conversation thread. Other staff can easily access and read these notes, making it easier to share information and keep track of each visitor’s details.

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