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Comprehensive Digital Communication solution to reach, engage, and serve your consumers with the solution of their choice.


Digital Customer Service

Conversational Text Marketing




Digital Lending & Collections

2-Factor Authentication

Video Banking

The Industry’s Only
Omni-Channel Texting Solution

We are a Secure and Compliant All-In-One solution, pre-integrated with your Core, LOS, Collection, and other systems for Inbound and Outbound Texting. Seamlessly add Secure Chat, Video, Voice, CoBrowse, and Conversational Bots to your member and customer communication, all in a single thread.

Truly Omnichannel

Enterprise Texting
But More Than Texting

We call it Omni-Channel Texting. Start inbound or outbound communication via Texting and layer in Secure Chat, Video, Voice, CoBrowse and Conversational Bot in the same engagement and delight your consumers with your ability to communicate the way they want.

Seamless Processes

Secure, Compliant &

Security is built into our DNA. We are committed to providing the software and support needed to stay compliant with complex regulations. Our list of out-of-the-box integration is quite lengthy, and only getting longer.

Reliable and Robust

Platform & Solution

Our extensible and open platform provides the solutions you need to get started for digitizing your communications for lending, collection, marketing, contact center and HR & IT. Eltropy is the industry’s only solution designed for both inbound and outbound digital communications for all departments.

Our Commitment
to Credit Unions & Community Banks

Eltropy is dedicated to providing world-class digital communications solutions designed for Credit Unions and Community Banks

Future Proof

Our deep commitment to Credit Unions and Community Banks is part of our DNA. We stand behind each and every customer, no matter the size. 100% of our R & D spend is dedicated to building amazing solutions for Credit Unions and Community Banks.

Deep Industry Ecosystem Integrations

We know communication is most effective when done with context. We are committed to integrating with your Core, LOS, Collection, OLB and any other solution you need to communicate with members from. We bring the power of Digital Communications to all your IT systems.

Platinum Class Customer Success

Behind our platinum class solution is incredible team of Customer Success Managers that will become an integral part of your digital team and make sure you are 100% successful with your digital initiatives.

How Video Notary Simplifies Getting a Document Notarized

How Video Notary Simplifies Getting a Document Notarized

The high-demand process of getting a document notarized can now be done quickly, within the community bank or credit union’s same digital communications platform and while the user is at home, on the road, or anywhere. 


Growing Network of Integration Partners

Get more done faster with Eltropy integrations with popular Core, LOS, AOS, Collection, CRM and other solutions. Use our open APIs to integrate with even more solutions.

Eltropy Integrations
Eltropy Integrations

What our Customers
have to say

“Eltropy is easy to navigate and is a great use of technology to move our Credit Union forward and stay competitive in this day and age where members want quick service wherever they go.”

Sarah Means,

Loans Center Manager

“Texting has been a great asset during this time when we have employees working from home.  The members have been very responsive and feel safe sharing information because of the verification feature.”

Donna Berringer,


“Because of our partnership, we have not only been able to continue our high level of commitment and service to our members, but we have been able to take that commitment to our members in more ways to ensure they know that we are here for them! Thank you Eltropy for such a great platform and product.”

Matt McEwen,

Director of eCommerce

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