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Rapid Loan Growth

See how Hughes Federal Credit Union’s team utilized Eltropy to bring new efficiencies to their loan department and more.
Hughes Federal Credit Union
“When we think of Eltropy, we think of trust. A trusted partner is paramount when you’re dealing with vendors. You have to have trust on both sides and trust the product will continue to grow.”
Mary Burruel,
VP of Product Management
Echos of Success

Enterprise-Wide Growth

See how InTouch Credit Union uses Eltropy to supercharge their contact center, lending department, and more.

“We are 10x more likely to get a response texting a member versus one of our specialists making a call.”
Kent Lugrand
President and CEO
Echos of Success

Secure Text Means Happier Sleep

See how Mid Oregon Credit Union’s team utilized Eltropy to gain the full power of text on a secure platform.
“Being on [the Eltropy] platform…that makes my heart happy. We sleep well at night knowing our agents are using secure text.”
Jeff Sanders
Vice President of IT
Echos of Success

Supercharged Loan Portfolio Growth

See how Natco Credit Union uses Eltropy to bring their loan portfolio to new heights.

“I was able to facilitate 15 loan applications all in one day, just by being able to text my members.”
Kimberly Davis
Director of Lending

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