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Listen to the firsthand accounts of over 600 CFIs who consistently bring joy to their members through daily digital conversations powered by Eltropy.

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Echos of Success

Rapid Loan Growth

See how Hughes Federal Credit Union’s team utilized Eltropy to bring new efficiencies to their loan department and more.

Hughes Federal Credit Union

“When we think of Eltropy, we think of trust. A trusted partner is paramount when you’re dealing with vendors. You have to have trust on both sides and trust the product will continue to grow.”

Mary Burruel,

VP of Product Management

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Echos of Success

Enterprise-Wide Growth

See how InTouch Credit Union uses Eltropy to supercharge their contact center, lending department, and more.


“We are 10x more likely to get a response texting a member versus one of our specialists making a call.”

Kent Lugrand

President and CEO

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Echos of Success

Secure Text Means Happier Sleep

See how Mid Oregon Credit Union’s team utilized Eltropy to gain the full power of text on a secure platform.

“Being on [the Eltropy] platform…that makes my heart happy. We sleep well at night knowing our agents are using secure text.”

Jeff Sanders

Vice President of IT

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Echos of Success

Supercharged Loan Portfolio Growth

See how Natco Credit Union uses Eltropy to bring their loan portfolio to new heights.

“I was able to facilitate 15 loan applications all in one day, just by being able to text my members.”

Kimberly Davis

Director of Lending


State Credit Union Leagues


Credit Unions and Community Banks

Hear From Your Peers!

Chrysta Bryce

Marketing Manager, Community Service Credit Union

“Just a few months after I came on board we went into crisis mode, with shut downs and figuring out how to do business, and so communication was more important than ever.”
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Vanessa Stusek

Regional Services Manager, Members Co-operative Credit Union

"We’ve used Eltropy in a lot of ways to contact our members and make sure our members have the ability to contact us – wherever they’re at.  Video banking is one of the things we’ve allowed at our institution, and it allows us to connect with the members whether they’re in their home, they’re traveling, they’re abroad, or they’re in our branch location."
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Norma Mckittrick

Credit Administration Manager in Member Solutions, Fibre Federal Community Credit Union

“Eltropy really helped us break through that barrier in a way that met their needs – and it’s been kind of life-changing not only for our members but also for our staff.”
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Mary Burruel

VP of Product Management, Hughes Federal Credit Union

"To be able to unify that into one system is going to create buy-in for our staff, number one, and for our members – to be able to jump from Video chat to Text, and now I’m in Secure chat, and now I’m co-browsing with you… For that experience that they get – that’s why we do it."
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Kim Preston

Director of Member Experience, InRoads Credit Union

"On the staff side, there’s a lot of pressure of course with staffing, and there’s a tight labor market And we don’t want our members of our staff to be impacted by call-outs or organizational change. It just lets them be more efficient. "
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Melissa Moore

Business Analyst, Georgia's Own Credit Union

"We’ve definitely got some great feedback from the members in utilizing it. We recently launched a new bill pay system, and we were able to use it [Video banking] to help members navigate that."
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Voices of Experience

Case Studies

Eltropy Augments Coastal’s Staffing with Video Banking Amid Labor Crisis

Coastal was introduced to Eltropy in late 2021. Eltropy helped Coastal through the labor crisis by providing Video banking capabilities to augment in-person branch staffing.
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Alliance Credit Union boosts contact center and collections productivity with Eltropy

Since implementing Eltropy, Alliance Credit Union has seen tangible benefits that have helped it enhance its customer experience and increase revenue. “It's like clockwork. You
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TruWest Credit Union Serving Members Around the World With Eltropy Video Banking

TruWest Credit Union started their journey with Eltropy at the end of 2021, utilizing Text messaging, chat, and Video Banking to enhance their digital banking
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Clearview FCU Going Beyond The Branch with Eltropy Video Banking

To best serve the community, Clearview leaders felt that expanding the ways members could interact with credit union employees was a top priority. This initiative
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Chelsea Groton Bank – Video Banking to Safely and Conveniently Connect With Members

As the Covid-19 pandemic shut down in-person services across the country, finding ways to safely provide services to Chelsea Groton members became a top priority.
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Rivermark Community Credit Union Thrives During Pandemic with Video Banking

In September of 2020, Rivermark did a soft launch of Eltropy's Video Banking solution. With a welcoming response from its members and high engagement rates,
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