98% of Text Messages Are Opened Within 3 Minutes

Get your work done faster. Handle more conversations than any other channel and get immediate responses with texting.

Text Messaging Designed for Enterprise

Close More Loans, Boost Lending Efficiency

Reduce loan application abandonment by providing real-time updates on application status and other vital milestones via texts [LOS Integrations]

Fast-track loan processing with secure document sharing, OTP verification, and seamless communication via texts [Lending]

Collect payments easily via texts with secure payment links (without needing extra app/ browser downloads) [TextingPayment Integrations]

Reduce delinquency by sending automated reminders & notifications for upcoming payments [Collection Integrations

Streamline debt recovery with automated text campaigns for multiple delinquent accounts, saving valuable human effort [LOS Integrations]

Share and collect documents, sensitive information, links, and more in a secure & private manner with ease & speed [E-signing Integrations]

Minimize fraud risk with text based OTPs and Video Verify (Knowledge-Based Authentication(KBA), ID verification, and Video interaction)]

Share and collect documents, sensitive information, links, and more securely and privately with ease and speed [E-signing Integrations]. 

Educate members through targeted campaigns & send timely fraud alerts/ notifications via text to prevent significant financial damage.

Position yourself as a trusted financial partner by sending educational and awareness campaigns at scale while maintaining compliance with texting.

Design & execute marketing campaigns using your favorite tools with speed and efficiency without leaving the platform [Marketing Integrations]

Ensure compliance by automating contact synchronization and managing opt-in/opt-out preferences in real-time [Core Integrations]

Enhance your search engine visibility by collecting positive reviews for Google ranking from satisfied members via text [Reputation Management]

Drive conversions by including appointment booking links for in-branch or virtual meetings directly into the text [Appointment Management]

Don’t make members wait in the long queues, automate next-in-line alerts and real-time queue position for branch visitors [Lobby Management

All the Tools You Need in One Place

One Product For All Your Texting Needs

Inbound & Outbound: Get faster responses with direct & personalized texting between your team and members without sharing personal phone numbers.

1:1 or 1:Many: Send educational, informational, marketing, and other texting campaigns while maintaining security, privacy, and compliance.

Rich Texting: Personalize and engage with your texts by adding emojis, icons, images, surveys, links, and more.

Pre-built Templates: Leverage customizable pre-built templates to save time and effort and maintain consistency.

Reduce Error: Automated real-time contact and opt-in/ opt-out synchronization with the core systems.

Custom Keywords: Enable contacts to text specific keywords to “opt-in or opt-out” and get added to specific lists for manageable texting later.

Record & Store: All conversation history for regulatory compliance, audit, security, and reporting fraud to authorities.

10DLC Registration: Eltropy registers your number with the mobile carriers so you can send messages without disruptions.

One-click transfer from text to any channel with context and within the same engagement with the added power of Co-browsing, SBR, and more.

Combine the ease of texting with the power of 35+ powerful integrations across Core, LOS, Collections, Payments, Marketing, CRM, and more.

Monitor PII, ensure compliance, and get insights like sentiment without manually reviewing the conversations with Eltropy AI

Send alerts: Based on milestones (Pizza Tracker) in the Core integrations, and route the responses to these alerts to the right team with SBR.

Text Analytics: Track text volume, response rate, and average handle time trends by texting type, departments, and employees.

Experience The Unified Impact

Go beyond piecemeal solutions that lack clear impact and drive real value through increased member satisfaction, employee productivity, revenue and retention, all at scale.

$3.7 M

Overall drop in delinquency from December 2023 to March 2024

(Alltru Credit Union)


Faster member authentication 45 Seconds to authenticate

(Idaho Central Credit Union)


Faster lending process, 3 days reduction in loan approval time

(Patelco Credit Union)


Higher response rate with Text than other modes of communication

(Family Savings CU)


Increase in number of accounts opened with In-branch Video

(Xplore Federal Credit Union)


Reduction in loan approval times, application completion <10 mins

(Natco Credit Union)

Integrated Tech Stack

Connect with an extensive network of leading technology vendors catering to community financial institutions such as Core systems, CRM, LOS, AOS, Collections, and other essential providers.

Natco CU improves Member Experience with Omnichannel

Enhancing Member Experience & Communication with Texting

Centric FCU trims down loan application times by 95%

Trimmed down loan approval time with omnichannel digital communication
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