AI Built for Business

AI embedded seamlessly into workflows, departments, and customer experiences.

AI SuperPowers for all Stakeholders

Members and customers get faster responses anytime while teams in contact centers, branches, marketing, lending, collections and beyond get personalized AI assistance enabling them to deliver impactful customer experiences at every touchpoint. Bring conversational AI to any workflow, user, department with  Eltropy AI.

Purpose-Built for Credit Unions
and Community Banks

Launch a multichannel, multilingual AI Agent

AI for Members/Customers

Voice and Digital

Get a versatile AI agent for  voice, website, mobile apps, and online banking. These smart agents overcome traditional support limitations, delivering frictionless experiences across any channel.

Powered by large language models tailored for Credit Unions and Community Banks, your AI agents efficiently handle routine interactions for both members and customers, reserving complex and sensitive matters for live agents.

Get precise, conversational answers anchored in your company’s knowledge bases  and enhanced by robust AI guardrail. These safeguards ensure high-quality, accurate interactions while maintaining safety and compliance.

Offer consistent, round-the-clock support in multiple languages – reduce contact center traffic significantly, demonstrating up to an 80% efficiency gain.

Our powerful AI can navigate through ambiguous requests, topic shifts, misspellings, and other communication hurdles, knowing when to respond confidently and when to escalate to a human agent for optimal resolution.

Integrate seamlessly into your core banking systems to unlock an authenticated experience. Say goodbye to “Press one for Member services”, say hello to a more intuitive conversational interface.

Enterprise-Wide Support

AI for All Employees

Make Work Easier and Better For Every Team

Every solution in Unified Conversation Platform works together on one system, so it’s easier for your employees, your customers, and your AI to work together. Bring conversational AI to any workflow, user or department.

Ask questions and make requests to get trusted and useful answers and instructions from your verified knowledge base. Eltropy AI uses our proprietary Trust Layer to provide accurate and understandable responses.


Drive efficiency and boost agent productivity with AI-generated summaries for any interaction. You can also summarize support interactions across teams and create helpful knowledge articles. 

  • Help employees automate routine actions such as writing emails.
  • Receive AI-generated replies crafted from data from the conversation or from your company’s trusted knowledge base.
  • Enable agents to share these replies with customers with one click, or edit them before sending.
  • You can also customize workflows like routing cases for approval, alerts, etc.

Quickly generate answers from your trusted knowledge base and display them directly in the search page or agent console. Agents can find results faster with filtering and support for multiple languages. Save time on conversation history research, meeting preparation.

Give employees the right recommendations, right when they need them. Guide agents with AI-generated suggested offers and actions crafted from conversations and your trusted data.

Empowered Decisions

AI for Intelligence: Sell faster, Service Better

Transcribe, Summarize, Audit

Leverage AI intelligence to transcribe and analyze all conversations—text, chat, voice, and video—under one roof. This unified approach allows your agents to utilize the full power of Eltropy’s communication channels while AI takes notes for your managers, ensuring no detail is missed.

  • Visualize conversation trends across teams, reps, locations with ease. 
  • Instantly spot customer objections, sentiment, and questions asked. 
  • Get the next steps with auto-captured conversation insights.
  • Add in unique keywords for Eltropy AI to flag, such as competitor products, features or a critical service issue

Proactively identify and potentially intervene in sensitive conversations. Receive real-time AI alerts to manage and mitigate issues before they escalate.

  • Automatically transcribe recorded voice and video calls. 
  • Go directly from call insights to transcript fragments whenever more context is needed. 
  • Compile playlists of successful calls so others can replicate what works.
  • Share feedback in context by highlighting and commenting on relevant parts of the conversations.
  • Review talk-listen ratios, speaker tracks, specific mentions, and duration of the calls to speed up onboarding or offer coaching reps need most.

See all the data, trends, performance metrics in an Executive dashboard for operational foresight and decision-making. Push alerts for immediate action to address urgent issues promptly.

Integrated AI Tech Stack

Eltropy AI seamlessly integrates with popular core systems, knowledge bases, and contact center platforms. Our AI workflows enhance productivity and service quality within your financial institution. Use our open APIs to connect with any system, ensuring a flexible and comprehensive solution tailored to your CFI.

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