How APL FCU Achieved Low Delinquency Through the Power of Text Messaging

As many financial institutions know, collections can be uncomfortable for everyone involved. Whether you’re an agent trying to get a hold of a member to complete a payment or you’re a member who feels bombarded by calls and follow-ups, it can be a delicate balancing act for both parties involved. APL FCU understood the importance of this while looking at solutions to help keep their delinquency rates low without compromising on their customer service. The best way to achieve their goals was through solid communication on channels their consumers used daily, text. And after looking for a solution that would best fit their needs, they came across the best text solution, built for financial institutions like them: Eltropy.

Check out our full case study below to see how APL FCU utilized the power of text to battle back against delinquency, without having to compromise on consumer satisfaction.

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by Team Eltropy

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