An AI-infused platform for seamless and simultaneous digital conversations across all channels

Combine the reach of Texting with the richness of Voice conversations in one single-threaded conversation. Leverage AI, including Generative AI, to automate simple conversations and help your employees with complex ones.
AI Digital Conversations Platform

Industry’s First
AI-infused Digital Conversations Platform

Seamless and simultaneous channels architecture.
“AI everywhere” automates the mundane and helps users with complex questions.
Unified routing, unified reporting, and unified conversation insights.

Seamless Text, Chat, Video, and Phone Communication

Delight your customers by engaging with them across Text, Chat, Video, and Voice in the same conversation. The Eltropy platform ties all the channel sessions into one conversation for ease of reporting and displaying conversation history. Adding more people to the conversation is easy— whether it’s the customer’s family or experts in your organization.

AI Automation and AI Assist

Eltropy’s AI stack, purpose-built for credit unions and community banks, integrates state-of-the-art Generative AI, specialized in banking domain, along with proprietary Scoring, Compliance, Transcription, NLP, Intent Analysis technologies. Eltropy’s comprehensive AI automates routine tasks and supports employees with complex matters, ensuring a safe and responsible use of Generative AI alongside other AI capabilities for maximum efficiency.
Eltropy AI Stack

Unified Reporting and Conversation Insights

The Eltropy platform meticulously collects data and transcripts from all the applications and provides unified reporting and conversation insights to run your contact center and other departments efficiently. Conversation insights are also surfaced in applications and a Live Dashboard to help employees make smarter decisions.

Unified Skill Based Routing

Our routing engine has been built from the ground up to route all channels, including phone calls and appointments, using the same queues. This makes it easy to use your expensive CSRs efficiently in call centers and in branches. Bringing additional staff to handle surges in channels is easy with our unified enterprise-wide skill based routing.

APIs & Integrations

Integrate our platform – a system of interactions, with your Core, CRM, LOS, Collections and other system of records to automate alerts and access our applications right from the systems your employees prefer to use. Leverage one of our over 35+ integrations or use our APIs to integrate with any system.


Use Cases

Universal Conversation Thread

Break the channel silos with a conversation thread that shows all the Texts, chats, video calls and phone call transcripts and recordings in chronological order. Simply scroll up to see the conversation details and review AI-generated conversation intelligence to get the situational awareness to serve the members better.

Solve 40+ use cases across the enterprise
with Eltropy Unified Platform

Solve 42+ Use cases with Eltropy unified platform
Opt-In/Opt-Out Management

Manage opt-in and opt-outs in the Eltropy platform and if needed, sync the status with your Core and other systems. Be TCPA compliant by Texting only to opt-in phone numbers and managing re-assigned phone numbers with our RND scrubbing service.

Content Management
Create quick responses and use them in any channel. Upload and share files securely via Text. Collect and access files securely via Text and online.
Block Contacts

Prevent SPAM and abusive texts from reaching your employees by blocking offending phone numbers.

Secure Document Collection
Collect documents securely and simply by sending links via Text where members can upload requested documents.
During the chat, video calls and voice calls, execute workflows around account openings, loan applications and other processes, collect documents and e-sign right from the browser.
Conversation Panel
Easily provide Live Help on your website and mobile app by integrating the Eltropy Conversation Panel via a few lines of code. Conversation Panel can be configured to provide visitors a choice of channels, or start with Chat and add other channels as needed.

Blackout Periods

Be TCPA and your internal policy compliant by preventing outbound Text to go out during blackout periods.
Multi-Lingual Texting
Chat and Text with your members in English, Spanish or any other language of your choice.

Bank Level Security

The Eltropy platform runs on hardened AWS infrastrucre. Eltropy inherits the control environment AWS maintains via SSAE-16 SOC 1, 2 & 3, ISO/IEC 27001, FedRAMP/FISMA reports and certifications. All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. We are SOC 2 Type 2 certified, and our security stance has been field-tested with over 500 customers.

TCPA Compliance Advisory

Our platform makes it easy for your organization to be TCPA compliant. With out-of-the-box support for opt-in/opt-out management, contact blocking, RND and DNC Registry scrubbing services, and access to legal advice, we are your perfect TCPA compliance partner.

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