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Empower your lending teams with our turnkey solutions, now enhanced with AI for faster responses and improved experience.

Empower Your Lending Team

Simplify Loan Origination, Lower Abandonment

Connect with borrowers on any channel and add/ transition to another as needed [Unified Platform]

Match the member’s lending needs with the best-suited agent to service them [Skill Based Routing]

Provide 24*7 support and address inquiries with up-to-date insights [AI Chat & Voice, AI-assisted Knowledge

Update borrowers on the status of their applications & other milestones [LOS Integrations, Pizza Tracker]

Minimize fraud risk without added friction [Text (OTP) + Video Verify (Knowledge-Based Authentication(KBA), ID verification, and video interaction)]

Facilitate 2-way secure document & information sharing [Texting, E-signing Integrations: DocuSign, IMM e-Sign]

Send automated payment reminders [Texting]

Collect payments via secure links [Payment integration: Swivel, MessagePay]

Send periodic statements and other related information [Texting]

Issue loan satisfaction document or review link [Reputation Management]

Gain insights from lending interactions for better service [Conversational Intelligence]

Use account and conversation history for upsell/cross-sell opportunities [AI Knowledge Assist]

Empower Your Members & Customers

Smart Virtual Lending

Provide instant and 24*7 support, informed by your knowledge base [AI Chat & Voice]

Provide real-time guidance as visitors/ members navigate your website or troubleshoot self-serve options [Co-browsing]

Eliminate the need for in-person visits and verification [Text (OTP) + Video Verify (Knowledge-Based Authentication(KBA), ID verification, and video interaction)]

Give access to experts/ senior executives anytime, anywhere [Video Banking]

Don’t make members wait in the long queues [Lobby Management]

Let members make appointments virtually [Appointment Management]

Experience The Unified Impact

Go beyond piecemeal solutions that lack clear impact and drive real value through increased member satisfaction, employee productivity, revenue and retention, all at scale.

$3.7 M

Overall drop in delinquency from December 2023 to March 2024

(Alltru Credit Union)


Faster Member Authentication 45 Seconds to authenticate

(Idaho Central Credit Union)


Faster lending process, 3 days reduction in loan approval time

(Patelco Credit Union)


Higher response rate with Text than other modes of communication

(Family Savings CU)


Increase in number of accounts opened with In-branch Video

(Xplore Federal Credit Union)


Reduction in Loan approval times, application completion <10 mins

(Natco Credit Union)

Integrated Tech Stack

Connect with an extensive network of leading technology vendors catering to community financial institutions such as Core systems, CRM, LOS, AOS, Collections, and other essential providers.

From Porous to Powerful: Turn Your Contact Center Into a Fraud-Fighting Machine

How Credit Unions and Banks Are Transforming with AI

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