Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

Celebrated every 26th of August, Women’s Equality Day honors the women’s suffrage movement in the U.S. and remembers the hurdles women had to overcome in their stride towards progress. We at team Eltropy have some incredible women leaders who drive our team to new heights, and spoke to them about what today means to them:

Kavitha Nalla | VP of Finance 

“Women’s equality is about equal opportunity in all fields, based on merit and not based on gender…..no special privileges and no discrimination either. It’s when women can pursue a dream career, without having to choose between family and career. It’s when we’re no longer focused on proving ourselves or talking about breaking the glass ceiling.

Nidhi Sambamurthy | Customer Success Manager

“About a century back, women weren’t even allowed to vote, but here we are in 2022 where women are making more strides in every facet of life all without even chuffing their heels. Being a woman in tech today is a blessing with the multitude of doors that are open due to the efforts of all the amazing and mind-boggling women that came before me. Every year, this day reminds me how grateful I should be for all the opportunities I have today and strive to be the best I could be.

Ryanne Mayers | Director of Product Management

“Women’s Equality Day is a reminder that it is critical that women are given an equal seat at the table, and have equal opportunities. I am proud to work for a company that supports me and strives to lift women up. Support women, and be an ally.”

Jaswandi Sakpal | Director Of Engineering

We’re standing on the shoulders of She-heroes, who have fought fearlessly for women’s rights, but the fight is far from over. Today’s generation has a responsibility to pave the road ahead where we don’t even have to discuss Women’s Rights because all individuals will have equal Rights.

Kaitlin Ramos | Customer Success Manager

I am super thankful to work for a company where my rights, responsibilities, and opportunities are unaffected by gender. Eltropy recognizes and celebrates girl power 💪

Jennifer Mahoney | Sales Executive 

Not only does Eltropy give women like me a seat at the table, I feel respected and celebrated for the work I put in each and every day.

Allison Warner | Customer Success Manager

As a woman in tech, I am incredibly fortunate to be a part of a progressive company striving to break the bias for all. Eltropy is devoted to diversity, and consistently demonstrates a commitment to my personal and professional journey.

Aditi Anapindi | Senior Product Manager

As a woman in tech, it feels amazing to know that I am part of an inclusive organization that is performance-driven; I have a voice that is heard and I know can make a difference.

Aza Humayun | Client Success Manager

Women’s Equality Day is extremely important because, for generations, we’ve worked hard to succeed at managing our homes and our families, while continuing to succeed within our careers. Suffrage has been generations of work towards Women no longer being afraid to put themselves forward.

Lisa Hong | Implementation Manager

We’ve come so far, to have a unique voice. So proud I work for a company like Eltropy, that allows every woman to equally, have a unique voice

Robbie Singleton | QA Specialist

As a single mom of six children, I often had to work 3 jobs just to feed us and keep the bills paid. The technology world acknowledged my worth, and my skills gave me a career, and changed my life!

As an industry leader, we at Eltropy recognize the importance of women in tech, and the work that needs to be done to level the playing field. We at Eltropy are committed to celebrating our women leaders, while also recognizing the need to continue to hire and elevate more women in tech.  

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by Team Eltropy

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