Connect with Your CU’s Members Instantly via Secure Chat

When it comes to questions about finances, people don’t like to wait. 

Since the start of the pandemic, these questions have only increased as Credit Unions have seen an uptick in call volume to the tune of 30%. Higher call volumes, increasing email submissions and more inquiries leads to longer wait times and more abandonment. The remedy to this problem seems simple: Hire more agents to handle calls or outsource a call center. But, these are expensive and limiting. Instead, the true solution is with secure chat.

Secure chat is the easiest and fastest way to communicate with members. Instant live chat allows branches to help their members answer questions and walk them through processes in a wait time that’s 300 times quicker on average compared to email or phone calls. Raising a branch’s ability to communicate quickly and efficiently has become a necessity in our current climate, rather than a luxury.

Members look to a secure live chat as their go-to method of general inquiry. Studies show that people prefer secure chat to email and social media at a rate of almost 2 to 1 when it comes to communicating with a branch. Having to wait to have a question answered is frustrating for not only the members, but also for the branches. Secure chat’s ability to connect and communicate easily & instantly is a win win for both parties involved.

However, not all secure chat platforms are created equal. Eltropy’s omnichannel solution allows branches to add in video, voice chat and audio seamlessly and swiftly. If a member starts a live chat to apply for a loan or open a new account, it easily integrates with text messaging for secure document sharing with two factor authentication. Say a member is having trouble filling out a document; branch members can easily integrate our video platform to share their screen and walk them through in greater detail.

With today’s generation craving instant connections, secure chat is an essential part of member success for modernizing financial institutions. The power to answer member queries at a rate that far exceeds email and phone calls can be an integral part of easing the workload on branches, ensuring more ease with your members. Eltropy’s secure chat weaves in seamlessly with all of our other omnichannel offers. Find out today how secure chat, and all of our omnichannel facets, can be a game changer for your financial institution.

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by Team Eltropy

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