Easy-to-Integrate Eltropy Brings Personal Text Messaging to Members’ Fingertips

Credit Unions take pride in integrating themselves within their communities. As part of the local fabric, they can organically meet individuals’ needs. When Credit Unions integrate member data into messaging solutions, they take another step toward fulfilling members’ desire for personalized and efficient interactions. 

Members may have any number of products: a checking or savings account, an existing car loan, a CD, or a home equity line of credit. Such information can be used by a Credit Union to include members within specific journeys, which, in turn, can receive personalized communications. Those communications might go to thousands of members, which can mean thousands or even millions of interactions annually. That’s why Eltropy’s messaging platform integrates easily into Credit Unions’ Core Banking, CRM, and other IT systems.

When a communications team seamlessly accesses members’ data, Credit Union members can receive a more complete picture of what services their financial institution offers, thereby determining which specific offerings may fit their individual needs. For example, new members are typically onboarded over several months. The welcome campaign promotes the range of Credit Union services available — but, because of the integration with existing customer relationship management (CRM) software — only services that are new to the member are promoted. Therefore, a savings account holder might receive Text Messages about special CD rates.

With digital integration, Credit Unions can send personalized Text Messages based on a member’s needs and behavior. By incorporating the reach of Text Messaging with the specificity of member data, Credit Unions can appropriately scale their marketing reach and maintain a personal touch.

The Eltropy solution integrates into major core banking systems, including popular platforms such as Symitar and Corelation. That provides Credit Unions with more opportunities to connect with members, especially for collections, lending, and marketing. The platform can be used to identify specific groups to target, for example, those holding car loans: Automated reminders can be sent when loan payments are due, along with a secure link so members can seamlessly make immediate payments.

Etropy’s Customer Success team provides its partners personalized training sessions, so a solution can be quickly and confidently integrated into Credit Union systems. The ability to send personalized, relevant text messages efficiently is particularly important in an era when members and staff are often conducting financial transactions remotely.

The power of Text Messaging when integrated into systems that analyze and maintain data is an integral part of Credit Union communication with members. Engaging members with relevant information helps increase Credit Union profitability as well as strengthen the member bond.

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by Team Eltropy

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