Cobrowsing: The Better Way to Share your Screen

“Can you share your screen with me please?”

“Can you see my screen?”

“Is it your wifi or is it mine?”

If you’ve been to work in the past year, or longer for that matter, chances are you’ve heard one of these following phrases. With our world shifting to a digital approach to most facets of life, step by step walkthroughs while sitting or standing next to someone is an experience that’s few and far between. Screen sharing has enabled businesses and financial institutions alike to walk through challenges with their customers to some capacity, but with it comes a laggy and insecure connection. At Eltropy, we are always looking for ways to be at the forefront of our digital revolution; and that’s why we put such a value on Cobrowsing.

Cobrowsing is screen sharing but better in almost every sense. With cobrowsing, branches are able to control the members’ screen alongside them to help aid them through their roadblocks. Cobrowsing is a quicker connection with much less lag that traditional screen sharing, which goes a long way in mitigating errors from either party. The days of members not knowing where to click and branches struggling to take control of their digital interactions can be mitigated to new lows with cobrowsing.

While cobrowsing itself has a high ceiling for potential, it is only as strong as the whole presence around it. Eltropy’s cobrowsing tool seamlessly integrates into all of our omnichannel offerings, maximizing cobrowsing’s ability to the fullest. A member can text with the agent and co-browse side by side in the same interaction. Even if the member and branch are still having roadblocks or a member isn’t as technologically savvy, a branch can incorporate a quick video call, all without the need for your members to download external softwares.

Security is a pillar of any financial institution, and cobrowsing ensures just that. Cobrowsing shares only the browser instead of the person’s full desktop, ensuring a member’s safety and privacy of their device. In addition, cobrowsing works directly on the members browser of choice without the need for downloading a 3rd party application.

Be on the same page with Cobrowsing by Eltropy, Built for Financial Institutions

Digital interactions are on the rise and will continue to do so; so optimizing your financial institution to be equipped for this change is paramount. Cobrowsing is on track to be a staple of most web interactions, as it is a more intuitive and more secure version of screen sharing. To learn more about how cobrowsing can revamp your financial institution’s digital approach, request a demo today

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by Team Eltropy

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