Eltropy customer Fibre Federal Credit Union discusses fraud prevention with Bank Automation News

Shelly Butler, Chief Operations Officer at Longview, Wash.-based Fibre Federal Credit Union, an Eltropy customer, discussed in a Bank Automation News article how Eltropy’s authentication tools are helping their call center staff be aware of “red flags.”

She noted in the article that Eltropy’s automated one-time passcode (OTP), real-time authentication, video capabilities and live chat features are giving Fibre call center staff members confidence that they are speaking to a member.

According to the Bank Automation News story:

Following the addition of 300 credit unions and community banks to its platform and the acquisition of two fintechs in 2022, Eltropy announced last week a partnership with texting communications platform AKUVO, which is expected to improve its texting capabilities, according to an Eltropy release.

Texting is a way to quickly reach members, Fibre Federal Credit Union’s Butler said, noting people don’t always have the time to answer the phone or check their email but a “text message, you’re going to see more readily.”

Read the full story here (password protected). 

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