Great Communicators Make for Great Hires

Building High-Performance Teams in the Financial Industry: Strategies for Success

Ever notice that some teams perform better than others although they are focused on the same goal and seem to be relatively identical in their makeup? What do those managers know that others don’t?

Team building is a science, according to the Harvard Business Review (HBR). Excellent communication among members of workgroups is the hallmark of successful teams. In addition, said HBR, the teams that communicate effectively have members who display energy, creativity, and commitment. Job openings provide an opportunity to attract employees who can help fulfill the Credit Union mission of providing the highest level of personal financial services in a friendly, professional manner.

Who makes a Good Team Member?

MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory has measured the dynamics of productive teams and has found the best predictors of success were how energetic and engaged those employees were outside formal meetings. Attracting such candidates — and hiring them — can provide tangible, positive results quickly. 

Effective members of a team:

  1. Talk and listen in roughly equal measure, keeping contributions short and to the point.
  2. Face each other, and their conversations and gestures are energetic.
  3. Interact — and not just with the team leader.
  4. Have back-channel or side conversations within the team.
  5. Periodically get feedback from outside the team, and bring information back.

That last point requires that employees feel comfortable in the work environment. Reaching outside for input and sharing that information within the team requires trust and feeling safe to take such risks. Those qualities an employer must provide to nurture their associates.

Personal requirements for Credit Union employees include dependability, high standards, and self-motivation. When team members consistently deliver work on time, it affects the work of other team members, creating a positive trickle-down effect. No one wants to be the weak link; that sentiment encourages and engages others. High standards are contagious.

Team Eltropy is currently looking to fill a number of roles with such dynamic individuals. Its goal is to provide a flawless product that helps Credit Unions fulfill their goal of providing a similarly flawless member experience. Jobs can be found at Eltropy Careers.

Good communication is important on the hiring side as well: Providing explicit job expectations attracts the best applicants and results in hiring the “right fit.” An individual’s understanding of those requirements, the process for fulfilling those expectations, and the consequences of one’s performance are important for team effectiveness, the MIT researchers said.

Finally, finding a sense of purpose in either the work itself or the output is critical for team effectiveness. That’s where encouraging, charismatic leaders can help their teams see that they are accomplishing much more than they might realize. Wanting to communicate to members about how to meet financial goals through the use of Credit Union services is the lodestone that will attract great job candidates and, ultimately, help hire effective associates.

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