Reputation Management with Eltropy + Text Messaging

In a digital age where online presence is of growing importance, maintaining a strong online reputation is a cornerstone of any successful business. The recipe for success is strong reviews from happy customer, but getting these reviews are easier said than done. According to the New York Times, only 1.5 percent of people leave online reviews in the first place. Each review, be it positive or negative, carries sufficient weight with it, making positive reviews that much more essential for strong growth.

With Eltropy, you can take charge of your reputation management through three simple steps: Setting up review links, collecting the reviews, and analyzing them in our built in tracker. The set up is as easy as a couple clicks of the cursor and some good ol’ copy and paste. Within minutes, customers are able to get their review systems up and operational for usage with their members.

In addition, getting reviews has never been easier than through Text, as our customers see up to 8x the engagement rate & response in up to 90 seconds with text messaging. With a higher engagement rate comes more responses leading to a stronger reputation. 

Requesting reviews from members allows our customers to personalize messages to those members before sending out a review request, strengthening the likelihood of not only a response, but a positive one at that. Our platform comes loaded in with pre-set up templates for immediate usage, and allow for customization to give each of our customers their own personal touch on how they take charge of their online reputation.  Once a member has received a Text from their financial institution, they are able to click on a link and fill out a review in seconds. This ease of access for submitting these reviews gives customers the highest level of customer experience, leading higher rated reviews and a stronger reputation strategy.

At Eltropy, we pride ourselves on our power of integration, and that’s no different when it comes to our reputation management. We seamlessly integrate with Google, Facebook, YP, Yelp & more to ensure strengthening digital presence is felt on all corners of the internet. Find out how Eltropy is allowing credit unions to take control of their reputation management through our omnichannel offerings by requesting a demo today!

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by Team Eltropy

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