Singing River Reports ‘Tremendous’ Boost in Member Communication

Old-fashioned, inefficient communication plagued Mississippi-based Singing River Federal Credit Union prior to implementing Eltropy’s Text Messaging solution. The $239M AUM financial institution was quickly sold on Eltropy’s detailed analytics dashboard, easy-to-use platform and commitment to customer service

“We were missing an opportunity to connect with our members,” said Jerica Hudson, vice president of marketing and communications at Singing River. “We are more effective now that we have Eltropy. It has improved communications tremendously for us.” 

Singing River’s collections department has reported that its staff has been able to easily reach members and collect loan payments from those who were not responding to emails or phone calls.

“From the viewpoint of our loan officers, they are able to text a member and receive a response while doing other tasks,” added Hudson. “Previously, they would have needed to stop what they were doing and make a phone call to the member.” 

Training and Deployment

Eltropy’s commitment to customer success was evident during Singing River’s training and deployment process. Training sessions were scheduled and conducted to accommodate the Credit Union’s staff schedules as well as supplemental sessions for admins. 

Additionally, Eltropy’s customer success team has made itself available for impromptu staff calls when needing refresher training on specific processes. Singing River has been especially appreciative of the quick response times when troubleshooting during the Credit Union’s learning process. 

Members have also embraced Text Messaging, with many reporting that it’s nice to text and conduct business when they are unable to get on phone calls.

Future Plans

Singing River is currently working on a Text Payment solution as well as launching its opt-in process for marketing. 

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