Text Messaging and DocuSign Work Together To Improve Engagement

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Text Messaging is ubiquitous, not only in our personal communications, but in our business correspondence as well. 

CIO Today reports that 64% of people prefer to engage with a company via Text Messaging rather than phone calls. Therefore, Text Messaging can provide an enormous opportunity for Credit Unions to communicate more effectively with their members. A new solution from Eltropy and DocuSign enables CU representatives to send secure documents for their members’ signatures. 

Text Messaging has a 98% open rate and an average response time of 90 seconds. As a result, Eltropy’s DocuSign solution provides quick turnaround time on loan applications and account authorizations as well as convenience to members. The integration lets Credit Unions seamlessly upload documents and send them to their members for e-signatures using the Eltropy Text Messaging platform.

Additionally, while many people conduct business on their mobile devices, not everyone does. DocuSign via Text Messaging is tailored for members who may not check their email inboxes routinely, but who do own a smartphone or other internet-capable device. Most of your members, whether they are 18 or 81, have a preferred “go-to” digital device to conduct business, update friends or just play games. 

Within the Credit Union market, Eltropy is the first solution to send DocuSign links for e-signatures via Text Messaging to members. By combining Eltropy’s robust Text Messaging platform with DocuSign’s seamless e-signature platform, members can use DocuSign to e-sign from anywhere using a mobile device. Forms and documents can be sent and reliably delivered 24 hours a day, and completed on the device your members are most comfortable using.

Eltropy’s unique tracking abilities also allows lending or collection agents to actively follow-up with members using two-way Text Messaging through the process of e-signature.

Fitting Into the Hustle and Bustle

Your members are busy. Forrester reports that 77% of U.S. adults who are online say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service. Text Messaging fits into their lives better than phone calls or emails. Messages about mortgages, car loans, account privileges, etc., which require time-sensitive documents to be signed, need to be communicated to members in a way that best suits their style of engagement. 

 By incorporating DocuSign, Eltropy’s Text Messaging solution helps a Credit Union rep ensure a timely, accurate and complete response.  

“Our Credit Unions will see faster response times, reduction in cycle times, enhanced member experience and other greater efficiencies,” said Ashish Garg, CEO and co-founder at Eltropy.

Text Messaging with DocuSign capabilities illustrates your commitment to providing best-in-class member services, and allows your representatives to be more productive with their time. 

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