Text Messaging + Social Media for that Something Extra

Social media is an easy, cost-effective way for credit unions to get messages to their members quickly. When credit unions combine social posts with Text Messaging, they can communicate in a holistic manner to their members.

Text Messages are a great way to connect to specific individuals, or groups of people with similar needs. An associate can similarly use Text Messaging to reach out to a particular member about a late payment, or to communicate with a group of members in a similar demographic about mortgage rates.

Social media posts can add context to the offerings that Credit Unions provide. For example, a social post on Facebook could highlight webinars that Credit Unions are having on the housing market. Other posts could link to a blog about various mortgage products Credit Unions offer, and articles on first-time home ownership, as well as buying in a retirement community. Text Messages can then serve as follow ups as part of a “content package.”

In addition to targeting your audience, bear in mind that different social platforms are suited for specific types of posts. LinkedIn has a distinct down-to-business attitude. So posts should be geared to that audience, and the most popular are focused on thought leadership.

But, they can also be aspirational. It’s not unusual to see a “Throwback Thursday” post on LinkedIn or Facebook, which is actually commemorating a promotion or significant work anniversary with a photo from a first job. 

For example, a photo with a caption such as, “Here I am back in the 80s at my first teller job…little did I know one day I would be made a Credit Union CEO! Thank you to all my mentors, past and present,” can create significant buzz and garner many views and comments.

Such posts connect with the audience because of their relatability and authenticity. If your credit union has an executive with a compelling background—someone with 20+ years of service, or is a marathon runner or a dedicated volunteer for charity, etc. — be sure to share it appropriately. Good news travels fast.

Social media is an excellent method of getting visibility for philanthropic efforts. According to a survey conducted last Fall by Markstein and Certus Insights,  70% of consumers want to know what the brands they support are doing to address social and environmental issues. Community is integral to credit unions, so use Facebook and Twitter to keep members up to date happenings you are sponsoring, such as food and clothing drives, scholarship funds and partnerships with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. 

Finally, Credit Unions are only able to succeed at their mission of people helping people because of their associates’ excellence. Take the time to highlight their accomplishments on social media. Whether that is a shout out on Twitter, a serious LinkedIn post or a light hearted paragraph on Facebook, providing recognition on social media shows your gratitude — and is an acceptable “humble brag” about the people you trust to represent your business.

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