It’s All in a Name: The Meaning of Eltropy

When Ashish Garg and Chandra Bhople got together in 2013 to create “The Best Text Messaging Solution for Credit Unions,” they wanted to build something that reflected their love of education but in a very focused, non-chaotic manner. They combined their significant educational backgrounds to create a communication solution that fosters learning in even the most cluttered environment.

The pair was resolute in their belief that learning need not be dispersed randomly, in a manner that is referred to as “entropy,” but it could be spread out in a focused manner, just as education is spread to students.  So they took that word, “entropy,”  and replaced the “En” beginning sound with “L,” as a shorthand for “learning.” And so, “Eltropy” was born. 

Learning, says Bhople, is a knowledge transfer, whether it’s to a young student, a customer, an employee or even a machine. In the case of artificial intelligence. AI-powered Text Messaging solutions help pave the way for exceptional member experience. 

“Our very foundation is to transfer knowledge from us to the mind of the customer. But how do we do that? How do we get inside the cluttered mind of employees and the customers?” he asks. “We have to unclutter the solution to the nth degree. Because if the mind is stretched, there is no anchor for the new info to attach to.” 

Compounding matters is that there’s no shortage of information. Every level of communication requires a balance between the information and the ability of a person to receive it. That sense of balance is the underpinning of Eltropy. 

Bhople considers himself an 80/20 type of businessman: Success depends on satisfying 80% of his market initially, and then concentrating on what is needed to win the remaining 20%. It also means aligning with a popular, well liked product and then improving upon it. “There are many ways of communicating: Facebook Messenger, WhatApp, etc.,” he says. “You latch on to something good, something popular, find the pain points and then improve upon it.”

A Dedication to the Spirit of Education

Bhople “walks the talk” when it comes to the love of learning: He has established community-centric educational initiatives in business and engineering education. He has also mentored students and young entrepreneurs and is active in expanding the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, through the alumni association.

He considers his current focus, Text Messaging, to be a growing, appealing segment. In the U.S., the market is open, large and consumer-centric by nature. And, it’s consistent: There’s just one type of messaging for all types of customers. That provides a solid, uncluttered foundation on which Eltropy can grow, connecting to the minds of customers. In addition, Bhople says, from Day One, the company has embraced “enterprise thinking.” 

Big, successful businesses adhere to three criteria, which are part of Eltropy’s DNA:

1 – Offer a reliable product, one that always works.

2 – Provide scalability, so your customers can grow, and remain loyal. 

3 – Have security in their DNA. Eltropy “baked in” security from its inception. 

Building on those three pillars has helped Eltropy increase its customer base from 15 to 115 in a year, says Bhople. By doing so, the company provides “The Best Text Messaging solution for Credit Unions,” and continues to learn how to keep their customers satisfied while spreading high-quality communication services.

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by Team Eltropy

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