Video Banking is Essential for Member Experience

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If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that the world can bring unpredictable circumstances to our everyday lives. 

Being able to meet members in person is not always a possibility, and even when it is, it comes with social distancing, masks, and occupancy limitations. Modernizing your banking options is essential for providing a high level of customer service and satisfaction. With video banking, maintaining face-to-face service is not only possible, but more accessible.

Video banking allows branches to interact better with their members. Having face to face interactions with shareable screens allows members and branch associates to get the most ‘in person experience’ possible from the comfort of anywhere. The ability of sharing screens and live video chat also mitigates room for error with both parties able to work together more efficiently through loan applications, opening accounts, and much more. 

Improving member experience while aiding the workload of your branches is a win-win solution for everybody involved. In a study done by The Financial Brand, 60% of branches saw faster customer service, increased member satisfaction, and reduced workload at their branches. Studies also show an improved interaction and click through rate with the aid of video 

Creating personalized and meaningful dialogue between members and branches is a staple to success, and by implementing video banking. With video banking, the value of face-to-face conversations with a trusted member from your branch can not only be maintained but exemplified. For members that may not be able to come into the branch due to busy schedules or life in general, they are still able to receive that meaningful interaction

With changing health mandates and new variants, how businesses operate in person for the foreseeable future continues to be cloudy at best. With video banking, keeping your branch associates safe and offering the highest level of customer service are no longer mutually exclusive. Video banking allows branch members to safely work from home from a wider array of availability, while still being able to offer the feel of an in person visit.

The time for financial modernization is now, and video banking is at the forefront of the revolution. With video banking, keeping face-to-face interactions no matter where you are or what obstacles lay ahead is possible. Video banking allows branches to maintain their best levels of customer service along with decreased workloads; it is truly the best of both worlds.

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