[WATCH] The 7 trends your CFI needs to be aware of

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2023 has brought a number of pressing questions to the table for credit unions and community banks across America: Recession. Widespread staffing shortages. Increasing fraud. Customer demands — and advancements in technology like we’ve never seen. With all these competing challenges in an unpredictable landscape, it’s hard to know where to start.

Answering those questions is a critical component to success, but identifying which of those questions are most pertinent to the immediate success of your community financial institutions (CFIs) is just as vital. That’s why we led a webinar, alongside industry expert David Hall, to review the seven trends that will be most impactful for community financial institutions (CFIs) to focus on in the coming months. 

You’ll discover:

  • Which trends are the most crucial to ensure success for your CFI this year
  • How the right digital strategies and tools can make or break your institution 
  • Examples of what’s working and what’s not in financial services 

Watch the webinar here

[WATCH] The 7 trends your CFI needs to be aware of
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