Tips and Tricks: 3 Ways to Engage your Members with Eltropy Today

At Eltropy, we pride ourselves on the amount of use cases in which our customers can utilize. Texting with members has become an all encompassing solution for almost every department within any given credit union or financial institution. But a software is only as strong as the ways in which you utilize it. With the year coming to a close, we wanted to highlight a few use cases from Senior Director of Customer Success, Caan Nguyen. 

1: Informational Use Case: Inform members who will be receiving more than $10 in interest/dividends by the end of January that they will be receiving a 1099-INT in the mail.

With January closing in, sending out an informational text campaign to qualifying members about the $10 interest/dividends will help with the volume of calls coming into your call center.. This can also be an opportunity to explain to members who received this dividend about the importances of financial literacy and maintaining healthy accounts. In addition, we also recommend sending out a quick text to members who may have received a 1099-INT in the past but whose accounts didn’t qualify this year so that we can mitigate calls coming into your call center from member’s wondering when they’ll receive the form for 2021.  

2: Promotional Use Case: Promote your debt consolidation products. 

Did you spend too much money during the holidays? How would you like to consolidate ALL your credit card bills into one consolidation loan? 

The holiday season is a time spent to relax and connect with family, among other things. This can also be a time of financial hardship for many members.. According to NRF’s annual report, the average American will be spending around $1,000 this holiday season. Offering a solution to those who may be struggling financially is a surefire way to engage with your members in a productive way this holiday season.

3: Promotional Use Case: Your credit union cares. 

We care about your well-being and health during this difficult time. Our financial assistance program is available to members facing financial difficulties due to COVID-19. To learn more, text us at ###-###-####. 

Building off the idea of offering help to members struggling with financial hardships, this is a wonderful way to engage with members and show that your credit union cares. With the Omicron variant on the horizon and turbulent times seemingly ahead, reminding and ensuring members that help is available at any time is an important piece of engagement, especially in this climate.

If you’re not a part of the Eltropy family as of yet, make sure to request a demo today to see why 260+ credit unions have decided to partner with Eltropy to digitize their communications.  

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by Team Eltropy

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