What Financial Institutions are Looking For out of a ZipWhip Replacement

December is quickly approaching, and with it, a need to find a replacement for ZipWhip.

The power of Text messaging is well documented, with a 98% open rate and Texts being responded to on an average of 3 minutes, so identifying a new Text messaging solution is a top priority. But with so many platforms on the market, it can be difficult to nail down which is the best fit for financial institutions. There should be certain elements to keep in mind when looking for the next solution.


Text messaging is an increasingly popular way to communicate with members, but with it comes a slew of security issues. In addition to Text messages being unencrypted, financial institutions must follow rigorous FCC & TCPA compliance. So, a ‘one size fits all’ type of messaging solution just doesn’t work for a team trying to leverage the full potential of Text messaging.


Offering Text messaging enterprise-wide requires a solution that integrates with your existing solutions. If your loan department wants to collect a document securely to expedite an application, that Text solution needs to be able to integrate with your LOS. If your collections department wants to send a Text to a member in order to collect a late payment, that Text solution needs to be able to integrate with your payment solutions. Customers want to Text with all of your departments, so your financial institution needs a Texting solution that can make that happen.

Zipwhip to Eltropy
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The best solution is one that is built with built-in security and seamless integrations into the top solutions across all departments. A platform that over 45 other financial institutions have already made the jump from, a solution like Eltropy. Our platform not only gives you the best Texting service on the market, but we go beyond the power of just Text by offering a full suite of omnichannel solutions: video banking, voice, chat, cobrowse, and AI. 

But don’t just take our word for it. We sat down with two of our wonderful customers, Staci Schoenrock, Director of Credit Resolutions at Fort Community Credit Union, and Emily Hamilton, VP of Lending at Atlantic Federal Credit Union, about their experience switching from ZipWhip to Eltropy, and to overall boost Eltropy has given to their respective departments. You can check out a recording of the ZipWhip webinar here.

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