Why Employee Morale Is Crucial

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No one wants to work in a low energy environment, with no sense of camaraderie or achievement. Most employees want to be reasonably challenged and work at a productive pace doing work they like with competent, agreeable associates. When most of those qualities are met, a workplace generally has high morale. And happy employees make a difference.

Very few studies on morale in the workplace exist; however, International Business Research published a study that corroborated what many have believed for a long time: In general, high morale leads to high productivity. In addition, the study reported that low productivity and loss of competitiveness are the result of poor morale and can lead to further problems, including absenteeism and even sabotage.

As employee morale rises, so does job satisfaction. Employees who enjoy what they do, who are considered important by management and are rewarded for their efforts, are more inclined to work together and collaborate as a team. Happy employees tend to believe they are doing relevant work, are invested in the organization’s goals and are therefore more motivated to work. 

Content associates are more productive because they want to be more engaged and present in their tasks. As a result, happy Credit Union associates pay more attention to the needs of members and they are more aware of the processes and systems that are available to help them do their jobs effectively. 

Additionally, satisfied representatives have better job attendance; not only do they want to be at work, but because they are doing a job they enjoy, they are less prone to stress-related illness. The U.S. economy loses $500 billion – as well as 550 million work days – annually because of workplace stress. The Harvard Business Review, among others, has reported that such stress has been linked to health problems ranging from metabolic syndrome to cardiovascular disease.

Credit unions pride themselves on providing opportunities within their neighborhoods. For example, they are often the first stop for local entrepreneurs who may need “a little extra” service in launching their dream, or for a renter who may have little credit history but who has finally saved enough for a down payment on her first home. 

With such a dedication to putting members’ needs first, Credit Unions provide a perfect foundation for their employees to feel like they are making a difference for members. Representatives often take extra steps with members, for example, using Text Messaging to communicate additional and clear information on particular offerings. Credit Unions that provide their employees a supportive environment are set up to provide a culture of good morale, and to reap the benefits of having a happy, productive staff.

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