With Disaster Comes Opportunity: Outage Sparks Your Legacy FCU to Choose Eltropy

When Your Legacy Federal Credit Union experienced an unexpected outage of its online banking system, the Ohio-based financial institution had no way to inform the majority of its membership of the days-long issue in a timely manner. 

“We needed a way that we could legally communicate information notifications to the majority of our members instantly,” said Rachael Fenton, chief financial officer at Your Legacy Federal Credit Union.

“Eltropy quickly became the winning solution since they were able to solve our problem and provided additional services above and beyond just sending mass Text Messaging. The price point was also kind to our budget since we are a smaller Credit Union.”

Fenton says after going live with Eltropy’s platform, she soon saw an increase in opt-ins, keyword usage and questions being submitted via Text Messaging. Additionally, there has been an increase in responses from members where other means of traditional communication have failed.

“The collections department has seen an improvement in responses when they inquire about past due payments and defaults,” added Fenton. “It seems that today’s society is less likely to answer a phone call and more likely to answer a Text.”

Training & Deployment

Your Legacy Federal Credit Union was up-and-running on Eltropy’s platform within several weeks, with the staff trained and prepared to start using the solution after implementation. Multiple training sessions were offered to the Credit Union that covered several different topics with different subject matter depending on an employee’s access type. 

“Eltropy’s staff is very knowledgeable about their product and were able to tell us exactly what information they needed for the implementation process,” said Fenton. “They are also very knowledgeable of the compliance regulations that go along with contacting members such as the TCPA. Our staff was also very open-minded to the new program, and they love using it. Eltropy is extremely easy to use.”

Future Plans

The future appears bright for Eltropy and Your Legacy Federal Credit Union. The Credit Union is currently striving to have enough members opt-in for promotional Text Messaging so that it can start sending out mass promotional offers.

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by Team Eltropy

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