Women Build Strong Relationships with Text Messaging

Women tend to communicate more than men in our culture, particularly in terms of nurturing and building relationships. So it’s not surprising that, in general, women spend more time texting than men, according to research from RealityMine. 

A few years ago, Statista reported similar findings: Texting is preferred by women (62%), while men (45%) are more likely to talk. RealityMine’s research found that even among their own gender, younger women text more than older ones: Text messaging makes up 35% of the total mobile phone use for American women 18 to 34 years old, and 27% of total mobile phone use for those 35 to 54 years old. 

Of course, these are generalizations about men and women. Genetics and environment also play roles in how people communicate; people may therefore differ considerably from the norms.

Women communicate about different topics than men. For example, women are more apt to text about events, relationships and feelings, whereas men text about sports, video games, and politics. So, women may text their children as an extension of their mothering relationship, their friends to show support, and their favorite businesses to ask questions. 

Regardless of topic, communication, whether spoken or texted, builds relationships. As the number of women who bear the financial responsibilities for the home increases —  statistics from Refinery29 and Chase found that females report they are the primary breadwinners in 40 percent of households— it is likely that Credit Unions and banks will see an increase in communication from women. Because women prefer Text Messaging, financial institutions should incorporate Text Messaging campaigns that cultivate connection.

Personalized Text Messaging can be used to foster business relationships by providing appropriate information of interest to select members. Such peer-to-peer messaging is sent to members interested in particular types of information: Loan updates, new financial offerings, and general branch news, for instance. Such a personalized texting strategy can be particularly successful in attracting, retaining, and strengthening the bond with female members who prioritize relationship building.

Worldwide, 85% of people want to engage in two-way messaging with businesses and financial institutions. Text Messaging allows them to do exactly that. Such solutions are especially attractive to women who enjoy communicating with business and financial partners in a personal, immediate manner, and who may be assuming active roles in managing their families’ assets. Learn more about Eltropy’s digital communication platforms.

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