Bring new efficiencies to your In-Branch and Virtual Appointments with the Eltropy Appointment Management solution.

Eltropy Appointment Management is the industry’s only solution built on an All-In-One, Enterprise-Wide OmniChannel Digital Communication Platform, using the same skill-based routing for communications and bookings.

Simplified Member Experience

Let your members and customers book an appointment anytime and from any device from your web-site or mobile app. 

Make it easy to find the right service and location with service categorization and location search on location map.

Send smart reminders to reduce no-shows.

Universal Skill Based Matching

Unlike standalone solutions, Eltropy Appointments Management uses the same skill based routing for communication & appointments. This makes it easy and efficient to manage the staff that handles both bookings and member and customer service communication. Staff in the meetings are automatically shown busy for incoming communications.

Efficient Expert Staff Utilization

Virtualize the services that need hard to find experts and make them available to members and customers via video meetings designed for Credit Unions and Community Banks. Unlike WebEx & Zoom, there is no software to download for members and customers and zero  learning curve. Increase NPS and reduce expert staff cost at the same time.

Centralized Staffing

Connect Contact Center with your other departments

Break the wall between your contact center and other departments by making it easy for the contact center agents to book meetings with Loan Officers, Financial Advisors & In-Branch Staff for members and customers.

Simple But Powerful Setup


Eltropy Appointment Management has just the capabilities Credit Unions and Community Banks needs and is streamlined to work hand in hand with industry’s # 1 Digital Communication Platform. 

Over 320+ Credit Unions and Community Banks have already seen 500% Plus ROI across Lending, Collection & Marketing. 

With our Appointment Management on the same platform, you can increase the ROI even further by:

Become a PFI

Become a Preferred Financial Initiation of more of your members by been easy to do business with.

Centralize Experts

Centralize expensive expert staff and increase the utilization effectively with Eltropy Appointment Management.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Cost of setting up appointments using phone calls and emails.

Let's simplify Appointments Scheduling

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