Unlock Actionable Insights

Bring your Lending, Contact Center, Collections Departments to Next Level

Transcribe and analyse your agent-customer conversations and identify real-time, historical insights using text, sentiment and emotional analytics to improve CX, streamline operations, boost revenue growth and mitigate compliance risk.

Conversation Intelligence

There is a Goldmine of Intelligence in your
members and customers interactions

With Eltropy Conversation Intelligence


User Behaviour & Attributes that drive Member Experience



Underlying reasons for member dissatisfaction


What members are saying about your services and staff



Blockers to members growth and business

Everything you need to Measure CX
and Improve CSAT

Connect your data with Eltropy Conversation Intelligence and...

…transform your member and customer conversations into your fastest, most reliable source of business intelligence. Get a prescriptive plan to improve the metrics that matter for Contact Center and other departments

Contact center intel

Contact Center Intelligence

Reduce QA Time

Improve Agent Coaching

Eliminate Compliance Issues

collections intel


Discover messaging that works

Monitor emotional state of members and collections officers

Propagate best practices from your top performers to your team


Identify sales blockers

Discover hidden competitors

Propagate best practices from your top performers to your team

Get Insights per Department

Measure performance across the organisation and identify improvement opportunities in each department.

Get Insights Per Department with Eltropy
Insights Per Channel

Get Insights per Channel

Agent Handling Score is driven by Speech Analytics AI that measures the display of empathy, usage of profanity, ability to build rapport and influence on the customers’ behavior that helps in improving customer experience, mitigating compliance risk, driving revenue and customer retention.

User Insights - Personas

Measure your team’s individual performance in each of their conversation with automatically generated reports.

Eltropy Conversation Intelligence Insights

PII Data Moderation & Redaction

Automatically detect and flag PII Data in conversations across all channels and reduce compliance issues exponentially

Business Benefits of Eltropy Conversation Intelligence

Improve NPS Score

Become a Preferred Financial Institution

Optimize Operations

Do more with Powerful Automation

ASAT score

Improve Your ASAT

Happy Agents for Better Service

Intelligent Insights

Voice of the Customer

ROI of Eltropy Conversation Intelligence

Plus ROI
5 x
Contact Center
Increase in Contact Center Supervisor Productivity
5 %
Increase in Customer
CSAT Score
1 %
Increase in Loan Department Supervisor Productivity
2 %
Increase in Customer
Loan Volume
1 %
Increase in Collections Supervisor Productivity
2 %
Increase in Customer
1 %
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