Contact Center. Automated.

Automate 30%+ of your Contact Center interactions with Eltropy Intelligent Virtual Agent

Eltropy’s Intelligent Virtual Agent  is the industry’s only managed omni-channel virtual agent solution built on an end to end proprietary AI Banking Stack integrated with All-In-One, Enterprise-Wide OmniChannel Digital Communication Platform. 

AI+Human=Higher CSAT+Lower Cost


Why Members Reach Out to Credit Unions?

The Solution

Automating routine and simple queries can free up your human agents to focus on complex and relationship building issues

IVA with Human workforce
Hire Virtual Labor Force
i.e. Intelligent Virtual Agent
Infinite IVA

Unlimited Supply

Never run out of support agents

24/7 iva

Anytime Availablity

Works 24/7 without breaks

humans and bots

Seamlessly Handle routine calls

and escalate calls to human colleagues automagically

Eltropy's Managed IVA
Automate across all channels
How Eltropy Intelligent Virtual Agent Works across all channels
How Eltropy IVA can help
Eltropy Intelligent Virtual Agent Built on End-To-End Domain Specific Omni-Channel AI Stack
Industry's First Domain Specific Omni-Channel AI Stack Integrated with Enterprise-wide Digital Communication Platform
Eltropy AI Stack uses proprietary banking domain tuned ASR, intent detection, moderation, compliance and other AI services that are seamlessly integrated into Eltropy Digital Communication platform.

Business Benefits of
Omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Agent

Improve NPS Score

Become a Preferred Financial Institution

Optimize Operations

Do more with Powerful Automation

ASAT score

Improve Your ASAT

Happy Agents for Better Service

Protect Your Investment

No Rip & Replace Needed for Implementation

ROI of Eltropy Intelligent Virtual Agent

Plus ROI
5 x
Voice, Chat & Text Engagements
5 %
Reduction in AHT
1 % +
Call Center Metrics
Reduction in Abandonment Rate
2 % +
Reduction in Queue Time
5 % +
Increase in NPS
2- 2 %
Increase in ASAT
2 %
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