Video Banking Solution

Deliver any service to any customer, no matter where they are.

Be available anywhere anytime with Eltropy + POPi/o video banking features.

Video Banking

Your Pain Points, Resolved.


Looking for End-to-end Digital Video Solution?

Made for YOUR financial Institution

Video banking with voice, text, and chat, can help you deliver revenue-generating services to members outside the branch. Do more with eSign, cobrowse, Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA), Remote Online Notary (RON), and more!

Contact Center

Enable video support to resolve queries and reduce frustration with a personal touch.

Make Support Efficient & Effective

Enable Video Support to resolve queries and reduce frustration with a personal touch.


Facing staffing shortages?
Do more with less.

Made for YOUR financial Institution

Provide consumers with an immersive video room, where they can immediately connect with an expert working in another branch, at a centralized location, or even from home.

Lending & Collections

Deliver Exceptional Lending Services Outside the Branch

Expedite Lending with Video Banking

With collaborative video and features like eSign, Document Exchange, Remote Online Notary (RON), and more, you can start closing loans outside the branch.


With a host of collaborative features, consumers can use immersive video rooms to efficiently open accounts, apply for loans, and much more.

Digital + Video:
The Best of Both Worlds


By accompanying phone calls with dual-cursor cobrowse sessions, you give your agents the ability to walk consumers through webpages and ensure that they find what they’re looking for.


Drive your most important revenue-generating services—like processing loans and opening new accounts—through convenient digital channels, allowing you to move beyond the branch and serve consumers when and where they prefer.


Give your consumers the most efficient and comprehensive solution available. Interactions can begin with chat, audio, or video allowing users to quickly find the level of service appropriate for their needs.


Powered by Eltropy’s most powerful, secure and compliant Texting platform, it provides the most convenient and direct form of engagement to consumers.

Seamlessly Integrate with a Range of IT Systems

The Eltropy + POPi/o platform plays well with others. We offer integrations for AI assistants, meeting scheduling, document scanning, and more. And with our web and mobile software development kits, Our engagements can begin easily from your website or mobile app. By offering broad compatibility and a range of integrations, we can help you provide satisfying, personalized interactions and maximize revenue-generating services.

Additional Digital Communication Features


Empower commissioned notaries to notarize electronic documents entirely online, bypassing the requirement for notarizations to take place in person–but without compromising on security with POPnotary.

Video Check Deposit

Offer consumers the true convenience of mobile banking: fast and reliable access to their funds, without the hindrance of visiting a branch or waiting for a hold with teller-assisted Video Check Deposit (VCD).

Knowledged-based Authentication

Confirm user identities from anywhere. Provide secure consumer engagements by confirming identities with Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA). Typically used in conjunction with our enhanced ID scan.


Prevent fraud and identity theft. POPverify includes two key components: Enhanced ID scan and dynamic Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA). With these convenient features, you can serve consumers with ease and confidence.

Secure Payments

Eltropy’s Payments via text using a secure link provides a new level of convenience for consumers. Text-to-pay is fast, safe, and can effectively reduce costs associated with collections.

Appointment Scheduling

Enhance the user experience and prevent lost opportunities. Drive revenue-generating services and document signing events with the implementation of an effective appointment scheduling solution. 

Serve Members Better
with Video Banking

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