Announcing Landmark Enhancements to Eltropy Unified Conversations Platform

The latest release includes Voice+ a new modern voice solution, and SBR 2.0, our most capable skill based routing model.

What excites me the most is the chance to make technology helpful for our Credit Unions and Community Banks and their millions of members and customers across the country.

Ashish Garg

Co-founder & CEO, Eltropy

I’m thrilled to announce some groundbreaking enhancements and additions to Eltropy’s Unified Conversations Platform!

(1) Voice+, a modern voice and contact center solution designed for today’s CFIs; (2) SBR 2.0, the most capable Skill Based Routing model we’ve ever built; (3) Lobby Management and (4) A series of additional Platform Enhancements that will help you create new opportunities and drive productivity on a scale never seen before.

Eltropy Voice+

Voice+ revolutionizes the contact center experience by seamlessly integrating voice capabilities with digital channels like texting, video, and chat – all enhanced by a cutting-edge AI layer. This fusion creates an unparalleled unified contact center solution for voice, digital, and AI interactions.

With Voice+, agents will enjoy a streamlined “single pane of glass” interface, empowering them to provide exceptional service to their members or customers with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.

Click here to learn more about Voice+ and ask about how you can get it enabled for your organization.

Skill Based Routing Enhancement

Routing is not just about connecting calls; it’s about optimizing every interaction to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and operational effectiveness. A well-implemented routing system is foundational for high-performing organizations, directly impacting their ability to meet member and customer needs.

Eltropy’s Approach: We have developed a routing engine agnostic to interaction channels and added nuanced routing logic that enables organizations of all sizes to handle all their interactions in a much more sophisticated way. 

Enhancements in SBR

Queue Priority: Allowing higher priority or higher value interactions to be handled first.

Agent Proficiency: Agents are chosen based on their level of language proficiency allowing most proficient agents to handle relevant requests first.

Exclude Text Channel: Option to exclude text from routing for manual assignment.

Offline Queue: New queue type for voicemails and messages outside office hours.

One Routing Profile: Only one profile per agent enabling them to handle the most appropriate or relevant requests vs any and all requests. 

Cross-Channel Concurrency: Determine which channels can be handled simultaneously by an agent.

Agent Allocation Choice: Most Idle, Least Occupied, or Round Robin.

Performance Improvements: Faster agent allocation reduces match time from over 30 seconds to less than a second. 

Lobby Management

Deliver excellence, one visit at a time. Eltropy’s Lobby Management, part of our Total Branch Solution, improves the branch experience for visitors and employees with:

Efficient Check-ins and Queue Management: Streamline walk-ins and appointment check-ins, display queue positions. This minimizes wait times, enhances visibility, and boosts customer satisfaction by allowing employees to focus on high-value tasks.

Branch Traffic Analytics: Leverage detailed insights into customer flow, peak times, and service performance to make data-driven decisions that enhances branch efficiency.

Resource Planning: Utilize lobby data to optimize staffing and resource allocation across all your branches, ensuring your branch operates smoothly and effectively.

Learn more about Lobby Management Here and about the Total Branch Solutions Here.

Productivity Boosts: Additional Platform Enhancements

Updates in Appointment Management with opt-in text notifications, Spanish language support and unified configuration that allows you to create consistent experience for appointment setting across your locations and digital channels.

A single comprehensive view of AI and agent-handled interactions with sophisticated filtering, quick access to recordings, etc.

Supervisor dashboard improvements including chat barge-in feature and monitoring of active text and chat conversations.

Screen pops that display web pages in the agent workspace during interactions, offering additional resources for better customer service.

…and more including updates and enhancements with improved Temenos Alert syncing, integrations with Core systems, and API updates.

Please read detailed notes about all the enhancement available to you here

With our latest release, we boldly and responsibly reaffirm our commitment to quality, marking one of our most significant engineering efforts yet. I’m thrilled for the future and the opportunities Eltropy will unlock for CFIs everywhere.

Our dedicated teams are working tirelessly to ensure your success. Stay tuned for updates from your CSMs and upcoming learning series to help you maximize the Eltropy platform’s potential.

Ashish Garg

Co-founder & CEO, Eltropy

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