Eltropy Unveils Gamechanging Omnichannel Solution at NWCUA’s MAXX Convention

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Eltropy, an award-winning compliant and secure digital communications platform for Financial Institutions, announced its reimagined omnichannel solution at the Northwest Credit Union Association’s annual MAXX Convention in Boise, Idaho. The platform builds upon Eltropy’s award-winning Text Messaging offering to offer additional channels of communication within one enterprise solution. 

Eltropy’s robust omnichannel platform now includes:

  1. Text
  2. Video Banking
  3. Secure Chat
  4. Chatbot
  5. Cobrowsing
  6. Screen Sharing

“Covid-19 has forever changed the way we communicate,” said Ashish Garg, CEO and founder of Eltropy. “Financial Institutions are demanding a secure, compliant way to communicate with their customers and members outside of the branch. In addition to Text Messaging, Credit Unions and Banks want to have seamless access within the same platform. Eltropy is pleased to now offer an omnichannel digital communication platform that meets the demand of the entire enterprise.”

“Eltropy has grown from the best Text Messaging platform to the best omnichannel communications platform for Credit Unions,” said Barbra Lowman, president of CUNA Strategic Services. “We are thrilled to partner with Eltropy to bring its leading technology to Credit Unions who strive to offer the best member experience.”

InTouch Goes Omnichannel 

Texas-based InTouch Credit Union selected Eltropy’s omnichannel solution in response to members demanding a robust remote solution for engagement and productivity. According to a recent survey of its members, a staggering 67 percent reported that they did not have plans to return to the in-branch experience after the pandemic ends, preferring a robust digital experience instead. Only 56 percent of members surveyed had stepped into a branch over the past year.

“Employees are demanding fewer screens and fewer passwords to get their jobs done,” said Kent Lugrand, president & CEO of InTouch Credit Union. “The Board and I realized the importance of digital services in the future. As this digital services train continues to pick up speed, we need to be on it in a vibrant way. We must have the ability to text and video chat with members when it’s convenient for them regardless of device type, network, or operating system.”

Additionally, due to the size and scope of InTouch Credit Union’s membership base, remote communication and transactions have become essential.

“We have members all over the world so it’s important that our connections to them are seamless, device agnostic, and customizable,” added Lugrand.

“We believe in what companies like Eltropy can help us achieve. My vision is to create an environment where we are effectively communicating with members as often as possible, in the manner they prefer, helping them resolve any issue or begin any new service.”

With employees now expected to manage multiple digital channels, from Text Messaging to Video Banking and more, Eltropy’s enterprise omnichannel platform allows all communication to be accessed in one intuitive solution.


About Eltropy

Eltropy enables Financial Institutions to digitally engage in a secure and compliant way. Using our world-class digital communications platform, Credit Unions, Banks, Debt Collectors, Insurance Companies, Lenders and FinTechs can improve operations, engagement and productivity. Eltropy also integrates with IT systems, such as Symitar and Corelation, and uses Analytics to provide engagement insights. For more information about Eltropy, please visit eltropy.com.

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