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Eltropy, a Messaging, Analytics and Document Collection platform that increases customer engagement and revenue for Credit Unions and other financial services firms, announces that Professional Provident Society (PPS) has gone live with its leading solution. The PPS sales team is using Eltropy to share documents with members using WhatsApp, track customer engagement, and leverage communication. 

Prior to implementing Eltropy, PPS’ pain points included a lack of tracking mechanism to track customer engagements, the inability to leverage Whatsapp as a communication medium, and lack of feedback on marketing content.

Ashish Rathi, vice president of strategic accounts at Eltropy, said, “PPS is a very interesting insurance company because they follow a model called ‘Mutual.’ This means, like Credit Unions, they have members and not customers. PPS’ commitment to member experience is very similar to the Credit Unions Eltropy is committed to serve in the U.S. Our understanding of this model, in addition to our world class secure solution, proved that we would be an ideal partner for the long run.”

“Eltropy introduced PPS to a new platform in which we could safely and effectively communicate with our members,” said Ayanda Seboni, executive: brand, marketing and communications. “As text messaging is becoming more popular as a means of communication, the system analytics gives PPS valuable insight allowing us to create targeted content for our members.”

Training and Deployment 

The entire training process took less than two weeks after the Ireland data center was set-up. The Ireland data center set-up took about 6-8 weeks.

“The training process was seamless and very effective,” said Seboni. “Eltropy supported PPS with a few domain manager training sessions and larger webinars for all user groups, allowing us the opportunity to become familiar with the system. We would like to commend Eltropy staff on their professionalism and willingness to assist our staff during this phase.”


About Professional Provident Society 

PPS boasts in excess of 150 000 members who enjoy access to a comprehensive suite of financial and healthcare products that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of graduate professionals.

PPS is the largest South African company of its kind, exclusively for graduate professionals, that still embraces an ethos of mutuality, which means that it exists solely for the benefit of its members. Thus, all profits of PPS Insurance are allocated to PPS members with qualifying products via annual allocations to the unique PPS Profit-Share Account, and those who have qualifying PPS Provider products can also share in the profits of PPS Investments.

PPS membership provides access to the following tried, tested and trusted products and services: PPS Insurance, PPS Short-Term Insurance, PPS Financial Advisory, PPS Investments and Profmed Medical Scheme. Visit www.pps.co.za for more information.

About Eltropy

Eltropy enables Financial Institutions to digitally engage in a secure and compliant way. Using our world-class digital communications platform, Credit Unions, Banks, Debt Collectors, Insurance Companies, Lenders and FinTechs can improve operations, engagement and productivity. Eltropy also integrates with IT systems, such as Symitar and Corelation, and uses Analytics to provide engagement insights. For more information about Eltropy, please visit eltropy.com.

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