All-In-One Video Banking

One solution for In-Branch, ITM, Mobile App, and Website Video Banking.

Be High Touch without High Cost

Virtualize and centralize your team while making them available anywhere.

Build strong relationships with non-branch visiting members.

Acquire new digital-first members from your website and digital marketing.

Virtualize Experts

Instead of staffing each branch with experts, virtualize the experts, making them available where they are needed—another branch, ITM, mobile app, or website. Increase utilization, reduce cost, and delight members all at the same time.

Turn-Key In-Branch Video Rooms

With our hardware partners, we can provide you with a turn-key video room solution to get you up and running in a few months.

Mobile and Website Video

Acquire and service digital-first members from your website and mobile apps. Increase conversation rates and build strong relationships with face-to-face-like video meetings.

Video Verify

Don’t let phishing lead to fraud loss. Video Verify combines video, KB, and ID Verification to provide a fool-proof way to prevent fraud with very low friction for high-value transactions like loans and wire transfers.

Video Appointments

Promote video appointments to convert more leads to members who need help but don’t have time to travel to your branches.


Guide your video agents on account opening, adding family members to the account and any other processes and save time and reduce effort.
Built-in E-signature
With our built-in eSign capability, get documents signed without having to pay for a third-party e-sign solution.

Video Check Deposit

Allow customers to deposit checks bigger than what can be handled by the mobile check deposit process.
Enterprise-wide Routing
Leverage employees in branches and in contact centers with with easy-to-use enterprise-wide routing.
Out-of-the-box OLB Integrations
Eltropy provides pre-build integrations with popular OLB platforms like Alkami, Banno, and Q2.
Chat to Video
For members who prefer starting a conversation with Chat, adding Video to Chat seamlessly allows you to offer the member their choice of the starting channel.

Out-of-the-box Appointment Integrations

In addition to Eltropy Appointments, Video Banking provides built-in integration with Coconut and Engageware TimeTrade.
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