Appointments. Simplified.

Achieve new levels of efficiency with Eltropy’s always-on, always-available appointment scheduling for your in-branch and virtual appointments.

Industry’s only appointment management solution using skill-based routing for conversations and bookings.

Streamline engagements like never before. Eltropy offers a hassle-free booking journey for customers and prospects, allowing them to select services, preferred times, and contact methods—whether it’s via phone or video with ease.

Seamlessly integrate our solution into your website, allowing customers to book appointments easily from their mobile devices or desktops, all under your branding.

With our skill-based routing, we intelligently match customers with the most suitable agents, while also sending timely reminders via text and email to minimize no-shows.

Omnichannel Appointment Scheduling

Empower your customers with the flexibility to schedule in-branch, video, or phone appointments.

Reporting & Analytics

Identify peak appointment times and allocate resources accordingly, reducing member wait times and improving overall satisfaction. Delve deep into appointment data, branch efficiency, and valuable traffic information to enhance your service offerings.

Real-Time Calendar Sync

No more double bookings or missed meetings. Stay in sync with everyone’s calendars by viewing staff availability in real-time and empower your team to plan their days more effectively.

Customized Appointments

Tailor your appointment scheduling by customizing services, meeting types, service categories, branch groups, branches, agents, and languages for a personalized and seamless experience.

Integrated with Eltropy Video Banking

With out-of-the-box integration with Eltropy Video Banking, get a fast start with Video Appointments – a channel most preferred by members.

Automated Reminders and Follow Ups
Reduce no-show rates and missed appointments with automated reminders and confirmations. Eltropy not only shares appointment details with customers and members to ensure they are prepared for their meetings but also facilitates automated follow-ups. This enables CFIs to effortlessly collect feedback, reviews, surveys, and more.
Skill-Based Routing
Ensure the right staff handles the right appointments, streamlining both bookings and customer service communication. With Eltropy’s skill-based routing, staff’s availability is automatically updated, preventing scheduling conflicts.

Custom Booking Links

Create custom booking links for various purposes, such as your website, marketing campaigns, and email signatures. Enable contact center agents, loan officers, and others to send tailored links to book appointments while communicating with members and customers through text, chat, or phone.

Custom Branding

Your clients select you for a unique experience, and your scheduling system should mirror your brand. Eltropy enables color, font, and logo customizations to align your booking process with your brand’s aesthetic.

Automatic Timezone Conversion

No matter where your customers are located, they can effortlessly book appointments without worrying about time discrepancies.
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