Become the Most Reviewed Community Financial Institution

Increase your online reviews and attract more members by boosting both website traffic and foot traffic to your branches.

Gather Reviews During Peak Moments of Member Satisfaction

Ensure your FI receives the recognition it deserves by sending review links to members at key moments, such as loan closings and other occasions that bring happiness. Get more reviews on the platforms that matter to you, including Google, Facebook and other relevant websites.
Conduct review analysis on a branch-by-branch basis and in comparison to your competition, ensuring your financial institution shines online.

More and Better Online Reviews

Your online reputation is key to attracting people looking for loans. With Eltropy Texting and Reputation Management, collect more positive reviews during the funding process when members are most likely to be at their happiest.

Attract New Members Through the Power of Search

Say goodbye to low visibility in the digital landscape. With Eltropy Reputation Management, seamlessly integrate with review platforms, send text messages with review links, resulting in an upsurge of positive reviews and enhanced SEO.

Manage Reviews End-to-End

Monitor and analyze online reviews for individual branches, track location-specific data, and gain insights into your social media engagement vs. your peers.
Manage your CFIs online reviews end to end

Capitalize on Member Services

Turn positive member interactions with IVA and human agents into valuable feedback by encouraging users to leave reviews while their experience is still fresh.

• If the member is chatting on your website, they’ll receive a clickable link immediately. A single click, and they’ll be all set to write a review.

• If the member expressed ‘yes’ during a call, they’ll receive a text message with a link that directly leads them to the review page.

It’s important that your online reputation matches your actual reputation

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Collect Reviews via Text
Text customers for reviews when they’re the happiest and send reminders if they forget to leave one.
LOS Integration
Automatically send Text requests for reviews based on milestones in your LOS, including systems like MeridianLink, Encompass, Temenos and more!
Integrate Texting with Review Platforms

Effortlessly integrate with platforms like Google, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Yelp, and more, ensuring your digital presence is established across the entire internet.

Custom Templates
Quickly generate high-performing review requests using our pre-designed templates or customize your own for optimal performance.
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