Turn Member Conversations into Actionable Insights

Unlock valuable insights from 100% of member conversations, maximize frontline team performance and provide better member service through real-time conversation intelligence built on the industry-first CFI AI stack.

Listen, Learn, Leap! Take your Lending, Contact Center, and Collections Departments to the Next Level

Make every customer conversation count across all your departments. Leverage Eltropy’s Conversation Intelligence to transcribe and analyze employee-member conversations, harnassing real-time and historical insights through Text, sentiment, and emotional analytics.
Organize, Visualize, Understand, and Act on the conversations data. Unlock the full potential of every interaction for enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Tap into Voice of Customer (VoC): Sentiment, Emotions and Beyond

The “Voice of the Customer” goes beyond mere words. Through tonal analysis, we capture not just what is said but also the sentiment, emotion, and intent behind it. Leverage VoC insights to fine-tune agent scripts, better meet member needs, and gain a holistic view of key performance indicators.

Analyze Agent Performance to Enhance CX and Ensure Compliance

Quickly find out how well your agents are doing. Instead of sifting through lengthy calls, managers can pinpoint key areas needing improvement. With automatically generated reports on each interaction, spot trends, get actionable insights into individual agent effectiveness, and visualize their performance on a comprehensive team leaderboard.

Mitigate compliance risk!

Promptly address non-compliant conversations by real-time detection of inappropriate words and PII data with PII and Profanity Detection. Ensure compliance checks, trigger alerts in case of a breach, and safeguard member data by redacting sensitive information.

Unveil Member Experience Insights

It’s not just about listening; it’s about understanding at its core. Delve deep into your members’ psyche, uncovering patterns and sentiments crucial to enhancing member satisfaction. Keep tabs on common themes that emerge in conversations with dissatisfied members, as well as areas of success with satisfied members. Reveal valuable insights into member pain points, preferred channels, and their history with your financial institution.

Quickly find what you’re looking for with Semantic Search and Discovery

Transform the unstructured information in member interactions into structured data that is searchable and analyzable. Discover valuable insights about your FI by searching for keywords unique to your business. Track product mentions and monitor your competition to surface relevant conversations for further analysis. Securely store and index every interaction for future searches and playback, aiding in agent coaching and monitoring.

Conversation List

Easily navigate and review past interactions, ensuring your team is always well prepared to provide top-notch customer service.

Score all Customer Engagements

Deepen customer insights with three powerful scores: Member Sentiment, Agent Handling, and Conversation Quality. Unveil sentiments, gauge agent professionalism, and get a comprehensive score reflecting satisfaction and adherence.

Real-Time Alerts

Automatically detect and flag PII data in conversations across all channels. In the event of a breach, trigger immediate alerts to ensure swift response and significantly reduce compliance issues.

Conversation Intelligence within Eltropy Messenger
Access the power of Conversation Intelligence directly within Eltropy Messenger—get real-time and historical analytics, transcriptions, and insights all in one place.

Analyze conversations in Spanish

Go beyond English and dive into the nuances of Spanish-language conversations within the same unified platform. Accurately transcribe, analyze, and generate insights from Spanish interactions and serve a broader and more diverse member base effectively and efficiently.
Capture Every Word: Phone and Video Transcription
Capture every word spoken by your members without missing a single detail. Automatically transcribe 100% of your inbound and outbound calls and maintain precise speaker identification for seamless dialogue tracking. Use conversation intelligence for further in-depth analysis to improve service quality, reduce costs, and coach agents.

Custom Reports and Dashboards for Every Need

Gain insights categorized by department, department category, channel and AI scores, all of which asses the quality and efficiency of each member interaction. Effortlessly navigate and review the list of interactions, organized according to your specified criteria.
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