Contact Center Conversations - Automated.

Automate over 30% of your Contact Center interactions with Eltropy AI Voice.

Eltropy managed AI Voice for Contact Center

AI + Humans = Higher CSAT + Lower Cost

Eltropy’s AI Voice is the industry’s only managed virtual agent solution built on an end-to-end proprietary AI Banking Stack integrated with All-In-One, Enterprise-Wide Digital Conversation Platform that can seamlessly transfer interactions to human agents across all channels.

Managed AI Voice

Leave the hassle of setting up, training, and monitoring your IVAs to us. Managed IVA means customizing, integrating, training, and improving the IVA’s performance to fit your specific needs is done by Eltropy’s Conversation Design team. Our team will work with your team hand in hand to make the IVA smarter every day.

Works 24/7 without any breaks!

Provide limited round-the-clock assistance to your members, even outside your business hours across all your channels. Reduce overflow to your outsourced call centers without having to extend agents’ working hours or hire more staff.


If you are not ready for voice automated service but want a better approach than DTMF IVR, our solution can be that friendly voice that transfers the caller to the right team. Break away from a few queues and do bulls-eye routing to the right teams to increase the FCR and reduce transfers.

Automated Transactions

If your members still prefer phone banking to online banking, give them what they want but on steroids with Eltropy’s authentication and integration layer and out-of-the-box integration with all popular Cores.

Ever-Expanding Intent Library

Fast start with over 400+ pre-built topics of banking-related intents covering authenticated and unauthenticated interactions, regardless of how they are phrased.

Generative AI for CFIs

Optionally, enable Generative AI that leverages best-in-class LLMs with strong security and Retrieval-Augmented Generation to improve the quality of the answer compared to ChatGPT and other consumer solutions.

SIP Transfer to your existing Voice ACD

Seamless transfer the IVA Voice interactions to human agents on your existing Voice ACD like Genesys, Five9, and other systems that support SIP Transfer. Bring the full context to human agents like interaction transcript, detected intent, authentication status, and more.

AI Voice Management & Analytics

Monitor and analyze ‘missed’ intents with Eltropy’s Conversation Designer team to see what additional intent automation can lead to higher CSAT and lower cost. Review top intents to see the reason customers are contacting you.

Expand Your Reach with Bilingual AI Voice

Break language barriers and cater to a wider audience. Give your members the freedom to interact in their preferred language, be it English or Spanish.

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