Co-browsing from any channel

Add Co-browse to Chat, Video, Phone and Text conversations and see what members are seeing on your website.

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Show, Don’t Just Tell:
The Co-browse Way

Add Co-browse to member service conversations in any channel to help members with online banking transactions.

Co-browse with online loan applicants and help fill out the application forms securely.

Train digitally reluctant members on how to self-serve on your website.

No Downloads

Unlike screen sharing, Co-browse doesn’t need any downloads on the member’s device and only the tab of the browser is shared with the agent. No screen streaming needed to see what the customer is seeing with Eltropy Co-browse.

Field Masking

Prevent agents from seeing sensitive member data like social security numbers, configure to mask any fields on any page on your website. The data in masked fields is not shown to agents.

Submit Form Restrictions

Configure Co-browse to prevent agents from submitting forms and let only members submit the forms.

Audit Logs

View all agents’ actions within any timeframe. This helps to easily track and keep agents accountable. If issues arise, you can quickly trace back to an agent’s specific actions using the audit logs.

Secure Surfing

Eltropy Co-browse employs TLS 1.3 transport security. We use strong SHA-256 SSL encryption for data in transit. All sessions are initiated with a secure web connection and deployed with a secure-first approach, and monitored 24/7.

Data & Privacy

A Co-browse session exists within a single browser tab and only shares the content members choose to Co-browse. It never shares the member’s screen or any other data on the member’s computer.

Eltropy does not store any personal information or session data on disk, and PII data and cookies never leave the member user’s device.
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